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With the watch in a 24 hour format, and the hours and minutes being reserved in terms of their position on the dial, the Invention Piece # 3 isn't a breeze to read, but isn't bad either (good that the indicator hands are in bright colors). Novelties like this could have been much harder to decipher, and in fact when made by other brands usually are much harder to decipher. Mechanically the Invention Piece # 3 watch is very well made, and as a machine it is beautiful. As a watch, the timepiece is a bit awkward, but as the "invention" part of the name implies, the watch is like an experiment. In the images I play around with a platinum version of the watch. It is a hefty little lad, and fascinating to operate. Like many Greubel Forsey pieces, you get the most enjoyment peeking into a watches crevices, windows, and closeup sections, as opposed to seeing the whole thing from afar. Price for the watch is in the 0,000 - 0,000 range I believe.

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This watch isn't exactly new but recently made some headlines by winning the prestigious Golden Unruh (golden balance) award by one of Germany's top watch magazines as voted by the public. You can see how people could like this watch. It is very pretty, and as I will discuss, it has some awesome mechanics behind it. The design is pretty classic, but has a polished sense of refinement that makes it a bit sexy, and very refined. Part of this is due to the fat leaf style hands that look nice against the thin and demure baton hour markers.

The blue bandit. It hits you, leaving you with a black and blue eye. This Bandido is blue, and only for the US. Franc Vila re-touches his FV Evos 8 Cobra to be in all black with bright, electric blue hands. The limited edition shares the rest of the Cobra characteristics from the carbon fiber elements on the case and custom automatic rotor on the movement. Limited to 88 pieces and ,000. Highway robbery? They don't call it a bandido for nothing.

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MB&F HM3 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

These fancy versions of the SpidoLite watches have alligator straps - but done in the special SpidoLite manner with the rectangular "portholes" on the sides. They look pretty darn good with the watches. Linde Werdelin's standard style case not only looks good but is also very comfortable to wear. You can see that the broad case is not very tall, making it very easy to wear. The style is incredibly diverse, which is why the same case has been used on pretty much every Linde Werdelin watch. In addition to looking like something out of a superhero's arsenal, the case is meant to have one of Linde Werdelin's Instruments (the Rock of the Reef) clip on to the top of it. Even though the case on the SpidoLite watches is richly skeletonized, it doesn't really have sharp edges. The two watch models are each limited to 88 pieces. The SpidoLite All Black Titanium DLC is going to be about 9,800 euros and the gold version will be 15,800 euros soon. Glad I got to check these out. If the styles appeal to you, I think you'll like what you find.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Watches On Tony Stark In Iron Man 2 Movie

Jaeger-LeCoultre Watches On Tony Stark In Iron Man 2 Movie
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As you would expect, the movement is also solar (any light actually) powered ("Tough Solar"), and atomic clock radio controlled. Actually, being an analog watch might be of benefit to power generation. You can see that most of the dial is a photo-receptive solar panel - larger than the smaller ring used in the all digital screen models. Like other high-end pathfinder models, the watch can receive signals from your local atomic clock to sync to the correct time perfectly each day. This is actually one of the most complex functions in these phones, but you can set it to auto receive each night. I recommend looking through the instructions if you wish to fiddle with the "RC" (radio controlled) functions.

666 Barcelona Watch Assortment Reviewed + Discount Wrist Time Reviews

Sinn 142 St II GZ Watch With Tide Chart Bezel Watch Releases

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Finally debuted, this is the new ultra high-end watch based on the partnership between watch maker Bovet and  famous design house Pininfarina. The watch is also a loose celebration of Pininfarina's 80th anniversary. The watch shares both the Bovet and Pininfarina name on the dial. The famous design firm is probably best known for their contributions to Italian car maker Ferrari. Visually a Bovet, the new Pininfarina Tourbillon Ottana watch proudly displays the modern style and use of innovative materials that Pininfarina is accustomed to showcases in their designs. The watch has far too many little technical details to cover by me, so below this article I will place some tech specs direct from Bovet. The watch will come out soon and be limited to just 80 pieces.

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It's also used for sunrise/sunset indication:

The watch is named the Agonium "Memento Mori, Carpe Diem!" Which translates into the uplifting statement "remember you will die, so seize the day." Good advice, but you aren't gonna close  a lot of business meetings with ol' silver bones here. The message is the same as the much more innocuous Mr. Jones The Accurate watch I discussed here. I mention silver by the way, because that is one of the three metals the watch is available it. Not quite sure of the watch size actually, but I hope it is massive. The watch case is handmade. Basically, each of these pieces is going to be a custom order. Strom themselves even invites you to suggest custom orders, "All is possible, ask for an offer." In sterling silver, palladium, gold, or even platinum, the case design is Gothic cool with skulls and architecture resembling an underground catacombs crypt. Skulls and bones stacked up making the corridors. You can even get versions of the palladium cased version with diamond decoration. Diamonds are used on the case as the eyes of the some of the larger skulls. I want to meet the man who orders that piece.

Here is some serious French testosterone in a watch. Made for or influenced by the special, elite operations branch of the national French police known as RAID. The highly secretive special force is interesting because they often recruit people directly from the public, as opposed to existing police or military personnel. The purpose of the group as part of the national police, is to combat and investigate major crimes and terrorism. RAID stands for "Recherche Assistance Intervention Dissuasion." In English, "Research, Assistance, Intervention, Deterrence." They seem to kick enough ass to get a watch made for them with their logo on it.

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Rolex Explorer II

Sinn 900 Pilot S Chronograph Watch Watch Releases

Size is a reasonable 42mm by 15.4mm, 200g on the bracelet. The movement is the tracteur ETA 2893, the standard for GMT movements. It's not ideal - I prefer the modified versions as found in Omegas that allow the main hour hand to be moved in 1-hour increments - but still useful for tracking two or three timezones.

Roger Dubuis Kingsqaure Column Wheel Chronograph Watch & Friends Watch Releases

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Jaeger LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon watches

- Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides

Balance spring
- Phillips terminal curve
- Geneva-style stud

Inside the watch is a Breuget Caliber 581 automatic flyback chronograph movement. The dial of the watch is super easy to read (and super classy I should add). I love that Arabic numeral font, done in thick applied luminant. Don't miss the traditional looking "fat" hand for the subsidiary seconds dial. Price is actually reasonable given the retail price of other Type XX watches. The each of the 1000 pieces in the limited edition will go for ,200.

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Breitling Avenger

While at Basel I got to meet with RSW and check out the watches first-hand. You should know that the collection started life as the RSW Outland from a couple of years ago. You can see how the watches share the same case and strap. The Outland was a bit of a wild timepiece that was interesting all over and demanded attention. What it didn't demand was too much of the avant garde market share. People liked the case more than the dial (which was interesting but certainly demanded an acquired taste). They also may have not been thrilled with the price. So while the Outland wasn't a failure per se, it was more of a niche item. RSW had something special with the Outland case and wanted to have a more mainstream product. The disc based time-telling system has merged into a simple three-hand dial (why the watch is called the "3H" - for three hands), and it is being offered with a big variety of colors. I actually think there are too many color options to start. You can easily like so many of them that you won't known which to buy if you like the watch - this often leads to people not buying anything. A condition known a "choice paralysis." What RSW should do (and I told them), is release just a few colors at a time. Each 6 months to a year release some new colors to keep things fresh and lure potential buyers who have been hovering around the idea to buy. Again, I digress. RSW is really making my thoughts wander.

Seiko has paired the SNR005 watch a great bracelet. The links are fitted closely together for an almost seamless look, and it fits very tightly with the case. The three link design has the thinner outer links given a polished finish, while the thick inner link has a brushed finish. It makes for a handsome style that feels classy and conservative. I would however had liked the outer polished link to also be polished on the underside of the bracelet - where the bracelet has an all brushed finish. Not sure the reason this is, perhaps there is a good reason that I am not aware of. The most avant garde part of this watch is the case design, so the bracelet like I said, is simple and attractive. The bracelet has a butterfly push-button deployment clasp, that is simple to use. It gives the bracelet a seamless look while on the wrist. I appreciate that Seiko designed the bracelet with "half links." These are links that are smaller than the standard ones so that you can adjust the size of the bracelet a bit more precisely.

- Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides

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Seiko Active Matrix EPD e-Ink: The Digital Watch Is Back In Style Watch Releases

Thanks to Tutima for the review unit. Opinions are 100% independent.

Dunhill Wheel Watch Chronograph Available On James List

Dunhill Wheel Watch Chronograph Available On James List

The Asamara Tourbillon watch is probably their most distinctive piece. It also features what I call an "architectural" design that the Telamon Diver watch also had. Not that they look the same, but they feel as though they are adapted building designs as opposed to traditional watch designs. All the watches here have a certain "polish" to their case designs. It makes them feel modern looking and easy on the eyes. They aren't the highly complex designs that some other brands gravitate towards, but feel more like frames for the dials and movements. They are also all designs based on having a low number of parts in the case design. Thus, the designs play with shapes, cuts, and polishes.

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