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I do applaud Romain Jerome for being so ballsy and avant garde. They have made some nice one-off or limited edition pieces that spit in the face of fellow Swiss who are highly conservative most of the time - especially in terms of watch design. Actually, even Romain Jerome's non limited edition watches are "special." Love them or hate them you have to appreciate their niche and determination to be different.  However, that doesn't mean I have to love everything they make. This new special "art" watch by French artist André Chéca is a bit much for me. It is one of those things that I freely admit not liking, but appreciate the artistic endeavors behind it, and that it exists. As though I wouldn't get pissed about it being in a museum ("That isn't art, I could do that!"), but I would openly discuss my distaste for it ("My lord this piece tickles the vomit enticing regions of my gullet").

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For a moment I can imagine that my entire watch collection is made up of these beautiful artistic timepieces. Each day I could choose to wear a different animal. People seeing my watches would always be curious about the "guy with the parrot or cockatoo watch." Would they be a match to my personality, or just part of an eccentric character. I don't know the result, but it would be fun to find out.

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Casio opens a new MT-G door with a hardcore techy looking watch that steps in the room punching and glistening with impressive watch-ular (new made up word) curves. The new model MTG1100-1A looks like the love child of Robocop's cybernetic innards and an industrial crane. Just looking at the dial it is hard to appreciate all that the watch does, or it. It is easier to take the piece apart by function or feature to fully appreciate a watch like this.

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On the back of the watch you'll find an engraved screw-in caseback with a stingray (or manta ray) design that is meant to emphasis the nature of the watch. All the best diving watches out there have some visual indicator of where they are most at home. Under the caseback is the Swiss Made ETA 2824-2 automatic movement. A common work-horse mechanical movement often found in dive watches because they are robust and accurate. I am happy to find one here, in fact, when I see a watch in this category that contains a Swiss movement without an ETA 2824-2, I wonder why it wasn't used. The case is so thick, that even putting your ear up to it, you virtually can't hear the movement operating. A testament to how durable the case it.

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The dial is made up of various shades of Mother-of-Pearl, placed inside the sapphire plates, to reflect varying levels of luminosity, which completely transfix those even near this advanced timepiece. And at that point - after watching this watch in motion - who's really looking for the time?

There's a little about men's fashion dos and don'ts, and Ariel admits to hosting a support group for men who wear white slip-on shoes.

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I am the first to admit that I am a fan of LUM-TEC - it is no secret. The newer American based watch company that just seems to hit the spot each time, with a satisfying watch offering each time. All LUM-TEC watches are limited editions and made in relatively in small quantities. If you follow the company's new developments you can most always get what you want, but by the time your friends see the watch, they might very well be out of luck trying to get one. For example, these new LUMzilla (which I will write out as "Lumzilla" because I feel like being lazy with the Shift key) watches come in just a handful of varieties, with just 100 models of each. In the scheme of watches at this price level, that is HIGHLY limited.

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It really looked like the Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk version of the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch, and that idea made sense to me given what the Spacewalk was about. After waiting too long, I asked to see his watch. He didn't think much of it and handed it to me. I, and the other journalists there got really excited about what turned out to be the Seiko Izul. The watch is of course based on the Spacewalk design (but without a GMT hand), and actually had a few versions when it came out in 2007. A few watch lovers out there know about this Japan only watch from 2007, but I was happy to learn that it was a commercial release, and sad to learn that it is no longer being made. Price for the Izul watches was about 5,000 euros, which was better than the ,000 for the upcoming Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk commemorative edition watches.

This first watch proves that white watches are cool. It is one of the 800 Series TX Linear Chronograph watches - so named for the vertical chronograph minutes indicator. There is also a retrograde dial that serves as a second timezone and the overall design of the dial is unique and edgy. The white tones persist through the watch (obviously), but don't define it 100%. You still get some sporty orange and rose gold tones on the dial and hands. It is really nicely done. I like the white on white rotating bezel with high relief numerals. The watch is admirably sized at probably 45mm wide or so and was very comfy on my wrist. You might find the dial a bit intimidating at first but it is quite easy to live with after you get the hang of the look. A really nice white colored watch that I would easily sport often. This watch was really new so I could not find the exact model number, but it should be prices somewhere between about 0 - 0.

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Christophe Claret Dual Tow Watch Experience

Christophe Claret Dual Tow Watch Experience

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aBlogtoRead.com is giving away one of the pictured watches pictured above, it is known as the Swatch Automatic Chrono "Simply Pure." It is about 45mm wide, has a sapphire crystal, stylish, and comes on the black rubber strap. I will be reviewing a different version of the new Swatch Automatic Chrono watches here soon. Retail price for this watch is 0, higher than most Swatch watches you are used to, but this is a different watch all together! Though you still get the innovative inviting styling that you come to expert from the iconically Swiss brand. Learn more about the line or get one at Swatch here.

The Lange 1 Tourbillon was actually released on the 100th anniversary of Emil Lange's release of his tourbillon pocket watch in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century. Dates and anniversaries are important to watch companies, but it does help put into perspective how nicely stable the watch industry has been... even over decades or centuries. The Lange 1 Tourbillon was produced in a limited edition of 250 pieces in 18k rose gold, and 150 pieces in platinum. The watches are pretty hard to find. In 2006, one of these watches in rose gold sold for about ,000 at auction - just a few years after the watch was sold. Interestingly that was was not even in what I would consider mint condition. One of these watches is available on James List for about 0,000. I don't specifically know the condition of the watch, but the price should be negotiable. At the very least, the watch almost epitomizes the authentic luxury end of the spectrum, of the watches that came out during this era. It was a thin golden age of watch making excess, that may not come back again in such a force for decades.

The case is large at 53mm wide and 58mm tall. Almost too massive to wear, but not quite. Wear the watch around and frighted children a bit if you please. The case is made from mostly titanium, and obviously sculpted in a less than ordinary manner. The large image at the lower part of the case around the face is the logo for the Confrerie Horlogere - the shield with an arrow through it. Is that supposed to represent breaking through one's defenses? Or maybe defying conventions? The case is, interesting to say the least. It is art, pure and simple. Nothing functional about it - the watch is an artistic message. You can't deny art as being art - you can try to deny a watch being a watch. This item does tell the time, it does strap to your wrist, and it does have a mechanical movement. Still, my brain is having a hard time adjusting to the idea that what I am looking at is a watch.

IWC Aquatimer

This was a very interesting and informative video (translated to English from French) that recently came out from the FHH about enamel work on watches, and the four various types of techniques that are primarily used for watch dials. Many of us don't even recognize enamel art on watches - or cannot appreciate what goes into it. It is very tough work done by highly skilled (and patient) master artists who have been doing it for years. To get it just right on a watch dial can take a few tries as there is always risk involved in not only the actual painting, but also the 800 degree plus baking process. Most watches with "paintings" on them utilize enamel. This is because enamel lasts a long time, is hardy, will not fade, and has extremely bold and beautiful looks when done well. There is also the concept that a master worker hand-loved the dial of the watch and now you get to wear it.

Really soon (6pm on September 24th) it will be time for the Only Watch 2009 watch auction. I summed up the detail a bit here, and here. Click there to get the specs on it all. Frankly I am a bit tired of writing "Only Watch" 2009, but just because there has been so much to say about it. The concept is really cool; your favorite watch makers need to make special unique watches that are then sold to the super elite, and the money goes to charity. The auction is held at the Monaco Yacht show every other year.

Listen to HourTime Show Podcast Episode Nine here.

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In addition to the special features each watch will have, there will be a number of different materials used in the watch including at least some metal, plastic (ideally on a marginal amount), nylon, and rubber. Hopefully enough metal to make them feel a bit bulky (a good thing). There will be different sizes for the watches as well. The pictured Boba Fett watch looks pretty tall, and comes in a 44mm wide case with a 22mm wide strap. Alternatively, the two different Storm Troopers watches will be 48mm wide and come with a 24mm wide strap - big and totally bitchin'.