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When I made the long trip to Hong Kong International Airport, it was no surprise that there were many things different to that of which I was accustomed to in the United States; however, the longer I rested in the city of Hong Kong, the more accustomed I grew to it. My quick assimilation into Hong Kong culture brought along with it a keen curiosity of certain aspects of Chinese culture. The superficial image or "face," as my father calls it, is one of the most pertinent aspects of Chinese society.  The way other people view you, your outer image, is defined by what you wear: clothes, a watch, a bag, etc. or what you drive: Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, etc... The Chinese are willing to spend large amounts of money on what they wear or their "face," which makes for the fact that Hong Kong has the largest population of Rolls Royce than any other city in the world no mystery at all.

In all, the case design melds well with the dial in a respectable and predictable manner. Ernst Benz isn't trying to pave new design roads, but is rather attempting to execute a comfortable design that you feel as though you have seen before. Plus, to do it in a polished manner that befits your expectation of a high-end timepiece. For the most part they succeed. If there was one improvement I would have suggested it would be to offer a more decorated 7751 movement for the price. With a name like "Officer," I want Ernst Benz to deliver a decorated 7751 complete with traditional polishing and blued screws to match the theme of the piece. A nicer automatic rotor would have been appreciated as well. Again, Ernst Benz didn't do anything wrong in this area, but it could have been just that much better.

Episode 100 - we finally made. Not that we are stopping here, but we'd like to remind you that we have been spending over 2 years talking watches with you. In this episode we discuss the Omega Speedmaster Racing, Breguet's Classique Chronometrie 7727 watch, Linde Werdelin's Oktopus II, and the availability of the HourTime iPhone app.

The watches are interesting looking and certainly not something I would expect Hublot to release without outside influence. They might opt for a bit more color and dazzle, but I find these to be interesting timepieces actually. The straps are gold or silver colored done with a glossy finish. It was important for Zegg that the dials be monochromatic, but also legible. With the mirror dial design Hublot came up with a few years ago - that is possible. You really don't see that many mirror finished dials on watches. It is almost an ironic concept.

We don't typically focus on quartz watches as often as their mechanical counterparts but there are certain instances such as when a quartz movement can offer something not possible or adds functionality not realistically affordable otherwise. Timex is probably best known for their ubiquitous Ironman athletic watches but some of their most interesting new releases come from the Intelligent Quartz, or IQ, line. These models offer something above and beyond that of a typical quartz watch while keeping prices very affordable. Currently we're looking at two very different watches in that same line, the Tide Temp Compass and the Perpetual Calendar.

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One thing that I really respect about Chinese culture is the honesty in their well wishes. Chinese people will wish you health and wealth without the normal qualms Westerners seem to have in regard to the latter. A toast at a networking reception during the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair, "wishes everyone a successful fair and to make good business!" Career success in Chinese culture seems to be the cornerstone of one's value and legacy. The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair (HKWCF) does not shroud its function as a trade show for the "making of business." It is invigorating to see deals happening and goods moving. In the West we are not so prone to directly wish someone the good fortune to make lots of money. Perhaps we deem purely materialistic pursuits to be less than wholesome - but it is a mere facade. Today, China and Asia in general are the most important regions for both the production and consumption of watches. The Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair is about feeding and encouraging the multi-billion dollar industry to keep making more money and open up new business opportunities. A fact the Europeans like to hide during their shows which are touted more as art and emotion exhibits.

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I'm particularly struck by the classic diameter. The RGM 160 feels restrained and classic. Stylish, not fashionable, and I would wager long odds it'll feel the same when your grandchildren inherit it. This is a watch for the ages. List price is ,300 on a strap and ,950 on the bracelet shown. That's not cheap, though to be fair, it's a fraction of what you'd pay for most comparable Swiss watches.

The dial itself is also an area of interest. It won't appeal to everyone, but the combination of textures and level makes it feel like a very high end item. Detailing is very cool, and the pieces are nicely made. I didn't spot poorly made pieces or improperly machined textures. It is also nice to see a round dial in a cushion case - which you don't much see in exotic complication watches.

Years ago I think it was watch makers who made pens, and now pen makers are making watches. We all know about the incredible success of Montblanc shifting its focus to watches probably more than pens, and other brands have at lest paid attention. Italian writing instrument maker Montegrappa now has a watch collection, along with many similar companies to itself. Now Cross, another writing instrument maker, has entered the land of making timepieces. Unlike higher-end brands such as Montblanc, Cross decided to enter the market at a much lower price point. The pictures you see here aren't of the first timepieces they ever released, but represent a brand new collection of pretty decent watches for just a few hundred bucks.

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Details? TimeCrafters 2012 will be from September 14-15 (10am - 8pm) at the Park Avenue Armory (643 Park Avenue) in New York City.

Citizen Eco-Drive Nova Concept Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive Nova Concept Watch

The newest "DNA" watch collection from Romain Jerome will be the Liberty DNA timepieces. These watches will each incorporate some metal from the actual Statue of Liberty, and feature a unique design meant to honor the statue while not simply featuring imagery from it on the case and dial. Do you see something a bit steampunk about it? Maybe, while this isn't per se a Steampunk watch (as many other Romain Jerome models are), the Liberty DNA (ref. RJ.T.AU.LI.001.01) does have a 19th century feel to it.

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What you are looking at is actually two different models. One is the Nautica NSR 100 and the other is the Nautica NMX 650. Both watch families come in a range of colors, but the NSR 100 seems to have a few more options and is the less expensive of the two. The NSR 100 watches are 44mm wide in steel with plastic bezels. The crystals are mineral glass and the cases are water resistant to 100 meters. The NSR 100 is typified by a larger crown and bright colors (aside from the black version) with matching dials, bezels and straps. The straps are actually silicone. I don't have a problem with silicone straps for the most part (aside from the fact that they get really dirty with ease), and you'll notice that people use them instead of polyurethane when wanting to offer a less expensive alternative to rubber. That's right, rubber is pricey people.

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Hublot Big Bang Zegg & Cerlati Watches

The Reverso comes in a range of sizes and style. The largest of modern watches are the super-sized Reverso cases in Jaeger-LeCoultre's highest end models such as the Gyrotourbillon II and the Triptyque. The Grande Reverso is a step down from that. The more square Squadra is a handsome sporty option as well. Then there are smaller men's versions as well as a few sizes for the ladies. The Grande Reverso case is 32.15mm wide and about 52mm tall. That length of the case prevents it from looking small. I would not say that the piece wears large, but it certainly doesn't feel petite. The Reverso is a super classic look. Those three horizontal lines in the case above and below the dial really make it look distinctive, and the overall look and feel of the piece is ultra-classy. No where will a Reverso look out of place.

The feel is very dressy. Gorgeous mirror finishing, alternating with brushed on the links, and the same stepped bezel as my 151P:

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People would get their first watch usually as a gift from their parents or relatives – more than likely when they were a kid. It would be something basic and cheap, and something they would inevitably break or grow out of. Then it was time for their next watch. The need for a watch and the importance of owning one was implanted in people at a young age in that world. Thenceforth people were watch wearers for life - most of the time. This was the status quo and all watch makers knew it. While luxury watches were just that, you knew that the entire population was going to need your product.

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John's boring interest in antique clocks get furthered with the return of his restored factory clock and boy is he excited! Will you be interested in the MetaWatch project on Kickstarter? We talk about the future of Smart Watches and the Pebble.  We discuss a nice Breitling Chronomat GMT 44 that I am reviewing. John likes Graham watches. Musings over Blancpain's X-Fathoms and more!

At the end of the Breaking Bad episode, the watch becomes a symbol unto itself as the Monaco dial gets some macro shots of the subsidiary seconds dial. The watch is again used to communicate the message that time is almost up. For what? it is hard to say as programs such as this often play with the concept of a foreboding warning. The Breaking Bad episode ends with the watch as the final visual. Will Walt be wearing his new Tag Heuer Monaco for the rest of the series? Perhaps he will. This particular Tag Heuer Monaco watch retails for ,300.

Ralph Lauren Stirrup Chronograph Watch Review

Ralph Lauren Stirrup Chronograph Watch Review