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Three more modded models are a Rolex GMT Master II, Sea-Dweller, and Submariner each with original parts and DLC coated. A new vision of classic in a bolder black tone. They are 100% identifiable as Rolex watches of their respective models, but in black. You do want people recognizing them as actual Rolex watches of course. There are then two other models that take the modification concept a bit further. First is a interesting rendition of a Rolex Explorer II in all black DLC with red color applied into the engraved numerals around the bezel. It has a striking military inspired look that balances well with the red colored GMT hand. It wasn't easy for Time and Gems to insert the red color into the bezel - something I understand they are continually working to perfect. Even more interesting is an all black DLC coated Rolex Submariner with a real carbon fiber dial. The process involved removing the original Rolex dial, and printing a carbon fiber dial with the proper text. Next, the original hour indicators and hands are reapplied.

Edox Grand Ocean Automatic Chronograph Watch Review Watch Releases

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Being a British company, Graham probably wanted the change to create a watch homage to the SAS (Special Air Service). This Air Force like branch of the English military was formed during WWII to fight against the Germans, and the icon emblem lives on, being featured on the dial of the watch. This watch is also a limited edition of only 300 pieces, which will likely found their way to many select stores for your viewing pleasure.

Looking at the back of the watch you can see the water intake sensor. This is the pressure sensor for the depth meter. You also learn that the watch is suitable for 200 meters of water resistance. This means it is a good diving watch for most, but not all diving. All purpose diving watches are typically 300m water resistant. Again, this is not a big deal especially given the great functionality that the Aqua has for most diving purposes.

Unlike most skeletonized watches the dial is really easy to read. Panerai made sure that all the necessary markers are there and with bright lume applied to them. As such, there is no real part of the skeletonization that makes it difficult to read. You can tell from the images of the watch that I am wearing that it is a good looking timepiece with lots of utility. Note that is a pre-production model that I handled a lot so there are lots of finger smudges on the front and rear of the watch.

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Patek Philippe Nautilus watches

PHARAO To Be Most Accurate Atomic Clock In Space Watch Industry News

Movado Master Collection Watches: Readable Museum Watch Face! Watch Releases

You also get the classic looking framed chronograph subdials, while the seconds subdial is not framed in a white ring. This is done for style (to remind of a bi-compax layout), but is also there to help keep your eyes on the right dials when you are using the chronograph timing function. Using the chronograph is easy with the large classic shaped oblong pushers - while the wider and flatter than usual crown is also retro inspired. You'll love the Marvin crown logo that looks embossed into the watch crown. On the other side of the case you'll find an engraving of the initials of the original founders of the Marvin brad - a detail you find on all Marvin watches.

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It really looked like the Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk version of the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch, and that idea made sense to me given what the Spacewalk was about. After waiting too long, I asked to see his watch. He didn't think much of it and handed it to me. I, and the other journalists there got really excited about what turned out to be the Seiko Izul. The watch is of course based on the Spacewalk design (but without a GMT hand), and actually had a few versions when it came out in 2007. A few watch lovers out there know about this Japan only watch from 2007, but I was happy to learn that it was a commercial release, and sad to learn that it is no longer being made. Price for the Izul watches was about 5,000 euros, which was better than the ,000 for the upcoming Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk commemorative edition watches.

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Hautlence HL-Q Watch + Videos Watch Releases

They have a sense of humor too, which is good. Their domain name takes the "DOD" acronym from "Deal Of the Day" and wants to be your "doddy" (daddy) of watch deal portals. All they need now is an RSS feed (maybe they have one, it wasn't clear) and I am hooked. Still, you can follow them on Twitter if you don't want to revisit the site each day. Oh, and the Girard Perregaux Cat's Eye Joaillerie watch that is part of their banner. Yea, don't expect that to be part of any watch deal of the day website's daily offer. "We have one available for the excellent price of 0,000 - 21 hours and 4 minutes left!"

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Seiko Ananta Spring Drive Watches Watch Releases

-ESA ACES Fact Sheet

Guer Man Trace Watch Is Wild And Woodsy

Guer Man Trace Watch Is Wild And Woodsy

Angular Momentum Dive-Tec/500 Watch Watch Releases

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Omega Marine

Casio Baby-G BG5602-9 Ladies' Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

See Suunto watches on Amazon here.Suunto Elementum Aqua Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Jaeger-LeCoultre Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie, Thoughts On The Most Complicated Watch In The World

Jaeger-LeCoultre Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie, Thoughts On The Most Complicated Watch In The World

My Favorite Ball Watches At JCK, Big And Lots Of Lume Feature Articles

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Telling the time on the dial is very easy, and the chronograph is nicely designed. Problem is that the chronograph subdials aren't as useful as they could be not having the proper amount of marks on the dials. They are designed to help the dial look its best, rather than be the easiest to use chronograph counters. Also part of the chronograph is the tachymeter scale on the bezel. Operating the chronograph is easy with the solid chronograph pushers. Focusing on that same area, you can appreciate relief done Jorg Gray logo on the crown - which helps add brand character.

Listen to HourTime Episode 4 here.

You cannot escape those immediate parallels. The comparisons to the Dior Christal Collection and the Chanel J12 are too clear. But, with changing markets and a severe change in consumer spending, it is adaptations like this - with crystal instead of sapphires or diamonds - that will really help people and brands carry through to the other side of this recession. Give them what they want - compromise a little it - and still get a great product.

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