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From the inside out IWC-Swiss Replica series of universal knowledge

Despite the skeletonization on the dial, the watch is easy to read. This is in part thanks to the large lume covered hands, as well as the fact that there are still small indicators on the minute marker ring around the dial. You can tell from the images that the lume on this watch is really bright. It will take some getting used to that not all the hour markers are presents, but you will adjust, and simply realize that this is part of the watch's personality. Case stainless steel case is hefty at roughly 43mm wide. The relatively thin and sloped bezel helps make the case appear larger, while the sapphire crystal is also cute with a slight slope on its edges to match the slope of the bezel. This is a nice touch, and something I've not seen before.

Hulk Smash! Churchill Watch Co. Of London Comes Pre-Crushed Feature Articles

But that's about it. There is no real function. No real purpose. Other than, "My Man bought me this - and you can guess for how much - and if I've Googled it right I can guess - and the cut and the setting are supposed to represent our true love." So, bragging rights.

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Tag Heuer Aquaracer 500M Calibre 5 Dive Watch Watch Releases

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Linde Werdelin Watches At Baselworld 2009 Video


Confrérie Horlogère Presents The ImmenSEAty Watch Movement By Gabriel Salgado Watch Releases

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Sinn 900 Flieger Watch: The "Big Aviator Chronograph" Watch Releases

Is it a bad thing that watch parts are coming from China? Not necessarily. Like most places, China produces good and bad things. In a culture that celebrates speed and volume, as well as inexpensive manufacturing, the common promise has been something like "70% of the quality that you are used to, for 30% of the price." Most manufactures simply can't say no to that. Especially with many local (outside of China) production costs. This fact has resulted in a perception that Chinese goods are not as well made as those costing more. Well, you do get what you pay for. That fact does not always apply to Chinese goods. While China does make a lot-  less than stellar quality goods, that isn't to say they can't get things right when they want to.

A Fan Talks About His Speedmaster Transitional From 1968

This photo montage (OK, montage light — three images) gives you’re a really good idea of the design influences behind the Bell & Ross BR series of aviation watches. It is also a good way of seeing a brief history of airplane instrument panels.

Contessa by Eterna - Women's Watch 2009 Watch Releases

Xemex is trying hard to push the ‘industrial’ side of design in the Concept One Chronograph, which includes exposed use of screws on the case and lugs, as well as the look of functionality in the tachymeter on the bezel (which isn’t really all that useful). As interesting point of visible functionality is the different colored tips to the chronograph pushers. The case is actually wider than it is tall at 47mm x 43mm. Even at a relatively affordable price of under ,000, the watch still comes in Xemex’s usually high level of quality with a sapphire crystal. This watch might not be as lovably Xemex as some of their other watches, but it is still appealing in its own right.

OMEGA Features Video Manuals

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Perrelet Diamond Flower Double Rotor Women’s Watch

Perrelet Diamond Flower Double Rotor Women’s Watch

The rooms where the watch makers sit is always headed by a leader - who sits in the back. The room leader is a more senior level watch maker who is there to answer questions and over see work. These leaders are not only there to ensure that the output is as planned, but to mentor the more junior members of the team. You can see from the pictures that the rooms are neatly organized, and have large open windows as to not make anyone feel stuffy. The rooms are kept small on purpose (I saw no more than 20-30 people per room), as to enhance the level of team work and cohesion as everyone is there to focus on a common goal. It is also important to communicate what everyone is working for. One feature of this ideal was how the watch making rooms were decorated, with framed images of watch movements or pieces there of. As if saying to the people in the room, "remember what you are working for, and remember that they are treasures fit for wall decoration and to be framed." It was a nice touch, and I thought it charming to at least see people proud of their work.

It should be clear how the time is displayed. The dial is constructed from three circular plates, each with a section of inset diamonds (or diamond). These sections are the hour, minute, and seconds indicators. The central seconds spins continuously thanks to the Calibre BL706 Automatic movement inside of the watch. The movement is actually quite impressive as it contains a rotor that winds the movement no matter which direction it is spinning in, and is set on ceramic ball bearings that help reduce friction. You can see an image of the rotor in the image of the back of the watch - how cool is that with the "blu" logo as the rotor?

A Reader's Speedmaster Mark 4.5 in New Old Stock Condition

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Patek Philippe Nautilus Jumbo Rose Gold Available On Sales & Auctions

Other notable features about the watch are that the case is nickle-free (for people who are allergic to the metal), and that the sapphire crystal uses one of the best AR coatings in the industry. Let it be known that this is a serious tool watch, not merely something trouncing around as one. It will serve you well and focus primarily of getting the job done right. If you like how it looks, admire it gracefully, but Sinn watches don't like to be pampered. Price will be around ,500 - ,000 when it comes out in May.

the Omega GSotM (Grey Side of the Moon)

While I'm not a fan of the collection name Contessa, which elicits images of pink tulle and doilies, I do see the direction in which Eterna wanted to head. Obviously targeting strong, independent women, Contessa also stirs images of countesses and regal women of yore. Today, though, Contessa by Eterna is for strong women, with the tight rectangular face, and for pragmatic women, with the multiple straps and dial faces.

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Louis Moinet Jules Verne Instrument 1 & 2 Watches With Moon Rocks

Louis Moinet Jules Verne Instrument 1 & 2 Watches With Moon Rocks

Aside from the extreme case, the CX Swiss Military 20,000 Feet Diver is a pretty solid all-around watch. Inside, is a specially shock protected automatic Valjoux 7750 movement that has been certified as a Chronometer (COSC award watch). The case is of course highly anti-magnetic, and the dial is clear with hands that offer a very generous amount of SuperLuminova. The case features the necessary for diving rotating bezel — that is well designed to fit over the very thick sapphire crystal. The case also has a helium escape valve.

Speedmaster Radial Dials

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A Watch Gift Guide for Dads and Grads

A Watch Gift Guide for Dads and Grads

Overall the new Seamaster Aqua Terra Co-Axial GMT Chronograph watch is done well. A few areas I am not sold on such as the dial and the length of the hands. One other area is the bezel. Not that the bezel does not look nice, but I am not sure whether it fits the character of the rest of the watch. It looks very much like an instrument and less part of the "luxury boat lifestyle" that the dial is speaking to. Maybe I am the only one that sees it like that. I know that Omega is a brand that likes to focus on functionality, and that is good. I might possibly see the the Seamaster Aqua Terra GMT Chronograph a few times and change my mind, but those are my initial reactions. Not sure about price, I would guess ,000 - ,000 for the steel version with a 40-70% premium over that for the 18k red gold version.

The winder is set up to accept one watch in its leaning Tower of Pisa orientation. This helps optimize the rotation of the rotor in the watch when the winding compartment spins. Inserting a watch is simple. 1) remove the transparent plastic cap and pillow (make sure the winder is turned off). 2) close your watch over the pillow as you would on your wrist. 3) gently place the pillow back in the winder with the watch on it. 4) replace the plastic cap (to prevent dust), and turn the winder one. The winder is operated via a toggle switch with three setting (winding clockwise, counterclockwise, or off). You don't want to remove or place a watch in the winder if it is spinning because it will prevent the motor for operating and likely burn it out. Just something you have to remember.

Speedmaster Moonphase Calendar

Inside the watch is a ETA automatic 2824-2 movement visible through the sapphire caseback. A sapphire crystal is affixed to the top of the watch as well. The watch also features 200 meters of water resistance, and a screw rod for the strap as opposed to a spring bar. The crown of the Diavolo is also a high point. It is large and easy to operate, and features a luminous inlay with Marcello C.'s flying goose logo. Marcello C. has always been excellent when it comes to fit & finish, with a study weighty feel that feel put together well. . The Diavolo is a solid watch all around, and I am impressed by the unique choice of styling in the new version of the timepiece. Like I said, the price is on par with current market expectations and still represents a magic touch that leaves you wondering at how they can offer the watch at so low a price for what you get.

The more time I spend with innovative independent watch makers, the most I find myself being drawn to that world. Nubeo is one of my newest favorites because founder Ivan Castro is first a jewelry man, second a watch maker. The sentiment translates into a totally unique interpretation into watch design as well as construction ethic. He is a humble guy, but has a no tolerance attitude for deviations from his strict concepts of quality in both aesthetic and construction. These are a few watches from one of his first lines of watches, the Jellyfish. There is also the Black Jellyfish, and Medusse (which is the women's line). Then for the ceramic built versions, they are called the Keramik watches. All of these are based on the same type of design. The Jellyfish looks comes out best when you turn the watch on its side and look at the outline shape. Looks like the profile of a jellyfish right? All Nubeo watches has this theme of "organic" influence, and it works really well for the brand.

In particular I like how the crown is not actually pulled out much, but has a fold-out flap that allows for adjustment and manual winding (if necessary). This is done to allow for the crown to be flush with the case. The look is very uniform and instead of just looking like an instrument watch, the whole design has a very technical feel. Watching the turbine in action is a high point, and I think I would sit there and shake my arm around just to see the automatic movement winding itself. Overall, this is going to be one of Perrelet’s flagship designs of 2009 and 2010, and will be available in about October.