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1. With in-house caliber (IHC) I expect fit, finish, attention to details, accuracy, or technology not found elsewhere. All true qualities on a NOMOS but rarely on repackaged ETAs. Some re-branded ETA are not just repackaged (i.e., IWC) but that's the exception rather than the norm.

The most interesting aspect of the 43mm wide steel case is that it is produced from a solid piece of steel. This monobloc-style design uses a few screws on the caseback with a crystal over the dial. Aside from those and the crown, the case is just one piece. Accessing the watch is thus done through the crystal. This gives the case a more elegant look, but likely makes battery changes or servicing the movement a bit more complicated. Such one-piece designs are mostly intended to help prevent water and dust from entering the inner case. In this instance I think it is mostly a matter of design as the BN0095 has a rather basic 50 meters of water resistance. But don't disregard design... the BN0095 collection is the winner of both an IF (International Forum) Design Award, and a RedDot Design Award (each in 2012).

What do you get when you combine the simple task of winding a mechanical automatic watch with the sci-fi possibility of a 1990's era virtual reality gyroscope harness? You get the Gyrowinder - which is the newest high-end "presentation" watch winder from German Dottling. I call it a presentation watch winder because none of this is strictly necessary to wind a watch. Such high-end toys like this do double duty in winding a watch as well as offering a visually stimulating way of presenting it (usually just to yourself). In a sense, it is functional art that sits on your desk or on some shelf. You know those little swinging metal balls on strings that people used to have on their desks? The Gyrowinder is like a really expensive version of that, which also keeps your timepiece wound.

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The Calibre 18 is very similar to the Calibre 12 movements (found in Monaco collection pieces for example). Unlike the larger Link Calibre 16 watches (with base 7750 movements) that are 43mm wide, the Calibre 18 watches are 40mm wide, and considered slim at 14.4mm thick. That isn't slim per se, but "slimmer" for a chronograph watch. These new mid-sized Link models feature fresh dials and fit into the popular bi-compax (two register) chronograph look that many brands are gravitating toward.

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Finally, the Avigation L2.783.4.53.2 chronograph completes the list. It is equipped with an exclusive-to-Longines automatic mono-pusher chronograph movement called the L788 - developed by ETA as A08.L11. The subdial at 9 will display the running seconds while the one at 3 is for the 30-minute counter of the chronograph. It also has a date display at 6 o'clock, though this time - fortunately - the "6" is not cut in half by the aperture. Single pusher chronograph lovers are going to enjoy this one for sure.

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Roger Dubuis Excalibur Table Ronde Watch Fulfills Your Arthurian Dreams Watch Releases

Some investigation found that Mitt Romney was never really much of a watch guy. For the last few years his typical beater watch has been an early generation Seiko Kinetic - an extremely "practical" choice. But it does go along with the mostly sub 0 watches politicians can get away with. You tend to see a lot of analog Japanese stuff from Seiko and Citizen on the wrists of these guys. For the 2012 Presidential election season he started to show up wearing something quite different with a sporty all black watch on his wrist. The watch model is called The Private and it is from San Diego area based Nixon in California. Nixon made it big with trendy fashion watches for skaters and surfers, later entering the zeitgeist of the greater "youth" demographic. Nixon watches are usually rather affordable and not half bad looking if I may say so myself. Given the clothing that most politicians wear, I find it rather unlikely that Mitt shops where Nixon watches are sold.

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Jack Heuer’s TAG Heuer Limited Edition Carrera 80 Watch Hands-On

Jack Heuer’s TAG Heuer Limited Edition Carrera 80 Watch Hands-On

Speedmaster Professional 145.022-69 from 1971

As little as the consumer feels sometimes, watch brands are listening to what people are saying and asking - the T-Touch Expert Solar is one of those examples. We will continue to cover the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar watch as we get more information. Until then, we hope that you'll look forward to the release of the ultimate T-Touch watch to-date. Price will likely be within ,000 - ,500.

LAST CHANCE: Ritmo Mundo Persepolis Watch Giveaway

LAST CHANCE: Ritmo Mundo Persepolis Watch Giveaway

N.O.A will also release the same pieces without the skull. So here is where it gets confusing. The new piece with the skull and crossbones motif is called the N.O.A Ghost collection, while the watches without the skull are the Skell collection. Probably would have been better the other way around, but it wouldn't be the Swiss watch industry without quirks.

The end of World War I created a shift in the minds of many men who originally saw wrist watches as feminine. Soldiers from the war often adapted pocket watches with lugs so that they could be strapped to their wrist. This was not the birth of the wrist watch, but helped cement their manliness in mainstream culture. 1920s era timepieces were quite bold in their designs compared to watches from two or three decades later.

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For those keen to see the quality of the finishing on the movement through skeletonized watches, you will be disappointed as this is not in the DNA of the Roger Smith brand due to the fragility of such a movement. The only concession to this kind of appreciation is the open dial version of the Series 2, that allows one to see the under dial works.

OMEGA Speedmaster Pro 145.012-67

The Swiss are not only ones with a great history in horology, America was also once home to some of the finest watch brands and watchmakers in the world. Unfortunately, the American watch industry is not as it was years ago. Few brands are truly American these days - Hamilton and Ball Watches are now owned by foreign companies and have their operations in Switzerland. However, a handful of true American watchmakers still remain and as part of our 4th of July special, we take a look at some of them.

We like to feature the work of aBlogtoWatch friend, WatchAnish, who takes a decidedly lifestyle and fashion approach to covering the world of watches. Here is some coverage from him of a London boutique opening for Parmigiani. It offers a hands-on look at the people and context of such events:

LUM-TEC 300M-1 Dive Watch Review

LUM-TEC 300M-1 Dive Watch Review
LUM-TEC 300M-1 Dive Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews
Lume on the Lum-Tec 300m

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Vianney Halter Deep Space (9) Tourbillon Watch Is Trekkie's Wet Dream Watch Releases

What was it? Well, what can I say but that I was holding in my hand, the George Daniels Co-Axial Chronograph watch, the very same one that had been part of the George Daniels Sotheby's auction that was held in November 2012. This watch attained a hammer price of 385,250 GBP, and was produced by George Daniels to demonstrate the viability of the Co-Axial escapement in wristwatch form.

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Speedmaster Customization, Yay or Nay?

The movement is interesting: It's a SII NH35, which is Seiko's OEM version of the 4R35. SII lists it as an upgrade from the NH25, and it seems to be finished better. Automatic, with handwinding and hacking, it runs at 21,600vph (3Hz) versus the 28,800/4Hz 2824 or Miyota 9015. Twenty four jewels, quickset date, and a power reserve in excess of 40 hours. All of those are  good, but what makes it exceptional here is Lum-Tec's preparation of it: they adjust it to six positions for accuracy and offer free lifetime timing adjustments.

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A few days ago I realized that I was not aware of the watch that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was wearing and figured I'd investigate purely out of curiosity. Of course "the guys" at WatchUSeek (the world's biggest watch forum website) had already pegged it doing the hard work for me. I swear, I can always rely on them to discover this stuff before I even get to it. It wasn't easy though because the brand logo is very difficult to see being black on black on the dial. It took some clever sleuthing to identify the right watch. You can see the entire thread here.

Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Editon 52Mondayz week 27

It's an unfortunate fact that the world of watches is fundamentally geared towards those who have the ability to see. Eone Timepieces is looking to change that with the Bradley, a watch designed to be read in a tactile manner regardless of your ability to see the watch. Eone takes it a step further and makes the Bradley pretty cool looking as well - which in a way is ironic given that it is meant for people who cannot see. Clearly the public agrees that there is a market for such a watch since the company's ,000 Kickstarter goal has been shattered to a total nearing 0,000 at the time of writing. Obviously Eone is doing something right.

2013 will see the debut of a new version of the famed Zenith Rainbow as a limited edition. It will be a version of the lovely Zenith Stratos, and we have an early hands-on look. The official name of the watch is the Zenith El Primero Stratos Flyback Rainbow Boutique Edition watch, and it will be limited to only 250 pieces. The cult classic Rainbow aviation watch began life in the 1990s with the 40mm wide Zenith El Primero Rainbow Flyback. Zenith said that they made it for the Aero-Club De France, which is a French aviation club, and that the colors on the dial were simply "aviation colors." It is one of my favorite older Zenith sport watches, and I was really happy to see a fresh version for today.

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Thomas Prescher Nemo Captain Triple Axis Tourbillon Watch

Thomas Prescher Nemo Captain Triple Axis Tourbillon Watch

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Thirteen Opus watches into it and most people on the outside would say that the Opus collection has been a success. They are most all cool, and it has put Harry Winston on the map with a new set of collectors who might never have considered Harry Winston otherwise. Though for Harry Winston, the Opus collection remains an enduring production as well as design challenge. The Opus XIII collection follows suit and is an interesting new Opus timepiece produced by the very talented French watch maker Ludovic Ballouard. Formerly with F.P. Journe, Ballouard is known among select watch aficionado circles for his Upside Down watch. Elegantly complicated with a whimsical touch, his core talent is borrowed for something much more intense in the Opus 13.

Breitling Chronomat 44 GMT Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

In black DLC, the 42mm wide steel Enginner Hydrocarbon case is as great as ever. I am thinking that the edges of the lugs could use polished beveled edges, but maybe that is just my opinion. In black, the piece has a fantastic stealthy look, and this may be the first DLC black Hydrocarbon-style case ever offered by Ball. At just over 13mm thick, it isn't too chunky of a watch but it is water resistant to 300 meters making it a rather good diver. What I still don't understand is how some of these models keep flopping around in their water resistance.