Interview With Zenith Watches Ambassador Johan Ernst Nilson

Interview With Zenith Watches Ambassador Johan Ernst Nilson

How much will it cost? The retail price in the US will be ,000. If you noticed it is not a limited edition - just like the HM4 was. MB&F will of course be limited by their production capacity which isn't enormous. As of now, the brand's release cycle will stagger a Legacy Machine with an Horological Machine. So next year expect to see the HM5, followed by the LM2 the year after that. This design dichotomy effectively forces Max Busser (and his friends) to have two heads. One pointed forward and one stuck in the past.

While this is not exactly a surprise, it is pretty neat. James Bond has been wearing an Omega watch for a long time (since maybe 1995). The brand was able to usurp Rolex - as was the watch chosen by Ian Flemming originally. In the upcoming James Bond 007: Blood Stone video game, the digitized version of the Daniel Craig will wear a prominent Omega Seamaster Professional Ref. 22005000 watch. It is part of the Planet Ocean collection and has a retail price of ,950. I believe that this is the same watch he wore in one of the recent movies. Perhaps Quantum of Solace.

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I've come to accept that fact that I'll never really use the Tissot Sea-Touch watch to its full capacity. With at least a third of its features specifically made for underwater use, the dive instrument is but a dry reminder of where it wants to actually be while on land. That actually isn't bad, if you like the functionality of the Sea-Touch as a lifestyle item then you have quite watch. This isn't just a dive watch, this is a dive watch that really wants to dive - and that has to do with some of the computerized diving functions. The Sea-Touch is also very attractive, and it happens to position itself between pure diving computers and sophisticated Swiss timepieces.

When looking at the watch the most noteworthy element is the large monocle style magnifying glass on the case. The loupe style magnifier raises and lowers and is used to look more closely at the tourbillon. I am not sure if it is totally necessary, but it is fun. It also makes you wonder "what is going on here" when you notice the watch for the first time.

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