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In this case, Poison Dart Frog is the name of the latest MB&F limited edition HM3 Frog watch. While I haven't been counting, it does seem that MB&F has been releasing a few more limited edition watches lately. The boutique brand's growing success gives them the ability to tackle more projects. I've written extensively on the HM3, HM3 Frog, and related limited editions. Just search aBlogtoRead.com for my previous articles as there are too many to link to in this article However, you can peruse a hands-on piece with HM3 Frog watch here.

We talk Fortis and Christophe Claret and never get to one of our topics. The TokyoFlash watch winner is announced and we spend some time discussing magnetic balls.

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There are a lot of things that Rolex does right.  Rolex’s sapphire crystals with the tell-tale cyclops, tractor-like movements, and patented water tight cases are what define tool watches. Despite Rolex's numerous patents and technical achievements, there are aspects that Rolex completely misses.  Night visibility and the amount of lume on a Rolex watch face and hands is always a criticism, and the "tuna-can" like clasp and bracelet links that are truly utilitarian and rarely failed, but were frequently criticized when matched with other brands. Many now-vintage Rolex watches do not have the original bracelet as that was the first item to wear out.  For decades Rolex's glacier-like design changes and staying true to being "evolutionary" rather than be "revolutionary," leaves a classic watch open for improvements.

Sylvester hasn't had the easiest last few months as his son Sage Stallone died of what I believe was a drug overdose in LA. That's got to be rough as I understand Stallone was a good dad to a kid that couldn't quite standup on his own two feet. It can't be easy living in Rambo Balboa's shadow.

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The case is nicely made and well finished for the price with some additional visual interest coming from the four non-functional black screw heads fitted into the bezel. I think the GAF would have looked fine without these screws, but they certainly don't spoil the overall look. The dial design, on the other hand, is going to be a rather divisive aspect with "Especially made for the Georgian Armed Forces" prominently displayed on the dial in a position normally reserved for branding. I would have liked to see "Uniq" given more attention on the dial and the Georgian Armed Forced given less of the precious real estate or even moved to the case back. Georgia does have a rather smart looking flag that is also featured in the dial design.

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The way it works is rather simple. You press the "on" button and some lights go on. First you read the hours to the left and then see whether it is AM or PM. You then look to the right and first look at the top numbers for the minute. You read the 10 minute markers first and then to-the-minute accuracy is determined by reading the lower list of numerals 01-09. Press the button again and you'll get the date. It is possible that you'll need to push the button more than once to read the time if you aren't that quick.

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Rotating aluminum domes – 0.58g,

What you are looking at is actually two different models. One is the Nautica NSR 100 and the other is the Nautica NMX 650. Both watch families come in a range of colors, but the NSR 100 seems to have a few more options and is the less expensive of the two. The NSR 100 watches are 44mm wide in steel with plastic bezels. The crystals are mineral glass and the cases are water resistant to 100 meters. The NSR 100 is typified by a larger crown and bright colors (aside from the black version) with matching dials, bezels and straps. The straps are actually silicone. I don't have a problem with silicone straps for the most part (aside from the fact that they get really dirty with ease), and you'll notice that people use them instead of polyurethane when wanting to offer a less expensive alternative to rubber. That's right, rubber is pricey people.

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There is also the matter of the movement's beauty. It is a very sexy looking movement. Through the rear sapphire crystal caseback window you get a nice view of all the colors and textures. Bovet and Pininfarina did a great job and this is one of the sexiest looking 7750 architectures I have ever seen. I like the thin style automatic rotor that does its best to allow for an unobstructed view into the movement. The view of the movement is really a highlight of this piece. While it might not be exotic in the strictest of senses, having a 7750 architecture does reassure me about its performance.

Xetum Tyndall PVD - 95
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Shipping begins October 23, 2012
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Breguet Type XXII 3880ST High Frequency Chronograph Watch Hands-On

Breguet Type XXII 3880ST High Frequency Chronograph Watch Hands-On


Dial & Hands:
Matt Black dial
Indexes with luminescent color
Hour, minute, stop second hand with luminescent color

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Both versions offer multiple dial styles and colors. The styles range a lot actually and dial colors can come in blue, black, or white with different trims. The two watches have the same case - which is 42.80mm wide and 14.45mm thick. So what is the difference? Well they have different movements.

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British retailer Christopher Ward has been on a roll as of late. They have announced a series of interesting watches like their first COSC certified watch the C50 Malvern, and the innovative and quite exclusive C9 Jumping Hour. Adding to their growing list of noteworthy watches, Christopher Ward has just announced a pre-order for their newest limited edition, the C900 Single Pusher Chronograph. Exhibiting a reserved and very elegant design, this new chronograph from Christopher Ward is just as cool inside as it is out. Sporting a movement modified by one Johannes Jahnke, the C900 uses an ETA/Unitas 6497 movement customized to feature a monopusher chronograph complication. A monopusher (or single pusher) allows the chronograph to be activated, paused and reset from a single button, which on the C900 is cleverly built into the crown.

Inside the watches are Swiss automatic Concepto movements. These are most certainly unique pieces for a highly exclusive pool of collectors. Are you one of them? You'll have to have been very into video game history or very wealthy. It helps if you are both. Personally I prefer the PAC-MAN watches to the RJ Space Invader pieces. I think the dials are more interesting and the character rich eyes of the ghosts bring a friendly quality to the piece. Further, PAC-MAN as a character is just as popular as the memorable game play. I have seen them hands-on and they are quite cool on the wrist. The presentation box will surprise you.