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Customers Race to Save on Brands from Invicta and Swiss Legend at the World of Watches Daytona 500 Sale


For watch lovers on a budget in search of a good looking skeletonized watch, Earnshaw offers up the Beagle. Yes, loyal and floppy-eared, the Beagle offers a Swiss Made movement and classic looks for about 0. Earnshaw as a brand is themed on the work of the great 18th century English horologist Thomas Earnshaw, who was said to have worked with John Arnold (of which the high-end brand Arnold & Son is based). Earnshaw as a brand today is Hong Kong-owned, producing a range of affordable mechanical timepieces, and Beagle actually refers to the ship, the HMS Beagle.

As is the case with most new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watches, these are difficult to photograph. That is due to the polished elements mixed with the slightly glossy black dial. Mediocre images aside, the PO GMT is a great looking watch. At launch, Omega does not disappoint by offering most of the color tones that people appreciate in the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean collection.

Again for the money it isn't bad at all. I've seen much worse movements in timepieces at this price, and most people wanting a cool skeletonized automatic movement will be quite happy with it. The level of skeletonization is impressive, but what I like is that wearing it doesn't feel like a window to your arm hair. While you can technically see through the entire case, there is more than enough bridges, gears, and springs to look at which offer the main view as opposed to your manly wrist underneath. Note that the skeletonized mainspring barrel serves as a quasi power reserve indicator, because you can see how wound the mainspring is.

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Hublot Watch & Auction For Boxing Legends Sales & Auctions

MeisterSinger is a German brand who intends to bring back such simpler times to the present.  Their lines of timepieces includes a series of flagship watch models with a single hand.  The Perigraph model reviewed here also includes a rotating date disk.  Since the disk only advances once per day, you don't lose the overall effect of the single hand, yet gain a useful piece of information.

Having started as a watch lover with a hobbyist point of view to going to SIHH in Geneva and seeing the industry like an insider, it is without question that my world-view has changed. My tastes and perspectives have widened immeasurably, and I have found through it all, that this is an industry that I enjoy being a part of.

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