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A noted feature of the Ivresse is that the curved case contains a tourbillon, which is viewable through a window on the case back. Although, had I been more familiar with the brand, it would not have come as a surprise. As CEO, Philippe Dubois told me, the signature complication that every Badollet watch has, is a tourbillon. As a niche brand among niche brands and to project an aura of exclusivity, the decision was made at the re-launch to have a tourbillon in every Badollet watch without exception. Having the curved case and a tourbillon as the basic ingredients for the Ivresse, Badollet turned to David Candaux, a young watch-maker formerly with Jaeger-le-Coultre, to solve the technical challenge of putting it together.

At the heart of each of these watches, is the caliber 801 manually wound movement produced locally here in the United States. We've found that a surprising number of aBlogtoWatch regulars have an intense fondness for the RGM Watch Company located in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania near Lancaster. This green parcel of US country is not entirely unique from the traditional watchmaking regions of Switzerland. In fact, I've found that places outside of Switzerland in Germany, the United States, and Japan all seem to be based in the same type of locations as those found in Switzerland. Namely, green and agriculturally idyllic in the summer, and cold and snowed-in during the winter.

Timekeeping is managed by a Miyota 9015 automatic movement with both hacking and hand winding capabilities. We've seen dozens of watches with this movement and, not only is it a capable timekeeper, it's also much more cost effective than its Swiss counterpart, the increasingly expensive ETA 2824. The 9015 has 24 jewels, a rate of 28,800 vph and a power reserve of 42 hours. While the 9015 does support a date feature, the Regattare Tiki does not feature a date display, a design choice that keeps the dial layout as simple as possible and better suits the extra large numerals used for the main dial markings.

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Price for each of the limited edition Teenage Grandpa for aBlogtoWatch straps is 2 including shipping to the US and Canada. Shipping elsewhere will be based on location. Because they are hand-made to order, please allow a couple of weeks for shipping.

Maitres du Temps Chapter Two TCR Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Power reserve: 48 hours

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The Citizen Promaster PMX56-2811 is a fantastic everyman diver. Featuring a single piece titanium case, a bulletproof Eco-Drive solar movement and an excellent bracelet with a ratcheting extension, you'll be hard pressed to find any casual or sporting situation in which this diver isn't right at home. Those with smaller wrists will love the 41.5mm wide case and its svelte 11mm thickness. It might look like a entry-level military style watch but it is not. Priced at 0.

Bremont BC-Solo White


I can even say that I bought the first Casio PRO TREK that ever came out. That one worked really well, but it was too big and I gave it away as I could never bring myself to have a boat anchor on my wrist.

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Note as well, the custom movement holder in the picture above, which is secured by screws and are the same mounting points for the movement in the case.


Sinn is known for over-engineering their watches. In this instance that happens in particular with the case. It's made from German Submarine steel and treated to increase scratch resistance. It's a hardening process Sinn calls "tegimentation". As far as I could see, this hardening works well as I had no issues with the case though my tegimented bracelet did see some minor scratches at the buckle while putting and taking off my BCD (buoyancy control device) jacket.

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The B.R.M. Birotor Caps Things Off Watch Releases

What I realized about the Corsa very early on is that it is a very polarizing design. I find that such a quality is more and more common with modern Italian designed timepieces. In an effort to be different, you get some usually clever, but often avant garde watches that you either really like or won't want to get near. Italy has long since been known as a test market for watches and fashion - so it makes sense for their watches to be so wonderfully different. While the Swiss are known for being conservative and the Germans are known for their laser focus on utility, the Italians have a more emotive sense of watch design that shows they are willing to take risks.

When I moved to San Francisco in 2004 (later back to Los Angeles) all I seemed to see were people with white ear phones stuck in their ears. Those white earphones and cables were telltale signs that they were using an iPod. The message was that most people preferred Apple when it came to their portable music players. The branding for Apple was immense. They can do the same thing with an iWatch. Assuming the watch has a distinct enough design, people wearing it will also send a clear and conspicuous message that they are proudly using an Apple product.

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MB: I started with seven years at Jaeger-LeCoultre which was an incredible experience because I learned how to work, I learned about beautiful watch making. Jaeger also reinforced the strong ethics my parents had passed on to me.

Casio Edifice EQW-A1200 Sensor Chronograph Watch For 2013 Hands-On

The Rise Of The Boutique-Exclusive Watch Watch Buying

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Ulysse Nardin Moonstruck Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews Like anyone with a penchant for finding science fascinating, I am curious about the sky. Celestial movements up above might not matter much in my daily life, but that doesn't stop me from being interested in most things related to astronomy. For me it is a constant reminder of what our place as humans is in the universe. We are but a speck in the larger scale of the cosmos, and that is somehow comforting to think about when I begin to take my own life too seriously. Astronomy is also the basis of all time. No, not from a physics standpoint exactly, but certainly from a social measuring standpoint. All forms of civilly measured time relates back to some predictable pattern in the sky. For that reason, timepieces and astronomy have always been intrinsically linked.

We recently had an opportunity to do an interview with Oliver Ike, the man behind the Ikepod, as well as the resurrection of the A. Manzoni & Fils brand which is among the highest-end watches being funded on Kickstarter. Oliver's watches have become instantly recognizable, and he looks to be shaking things up a bit in the luxury watch industry with his new launch. In the interview, we cover a variety of topics, including how Ikepod came to be, what Oliver has done since Ikepod, and insights into his new A. Manzoni & Fils Canopus Planner watch.

Things start to get much more interesting with the Morgenwerk Satellite Precision M3 models. These are analog/digital watches that include a negative LCD panel (light indicators on a dark screen) behind the analog dial. Here is where Morgenwerk really competes with brands like Casio, Tissot, and Breitling in terms of functionality. The Mark 3 watches contain extra sensors to also include a compass, thermometer, barometer, and altimeter function into the timepiece. You'll use a combination of the hands and digital display to read all that information. The M3 also has a full calendar (with an attractive display), chronograph, alarm, and weather forecasting tool. Plus, the various models and information displays are attractive and rather user-friendly to operate.

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