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I love bronze as a case material mainly because of its ability to develop a unique patina over time as it is being worn. And it just seems to look better with age and wear. Not only that, it is also a hardy material, as the patina that it develops actually protects the material underneath. As a result of all this, it is not surprising to find that an increasing number of boutique watch brands are offering bronze timepieces and one of them is Ancon. And amongst their bronze offerings, the Magnus is arguably the most interesting because of its lightning bolt seconds hand - a la Rolex Milgauss.Source: aBlogtoWatch

IWC Aquatimer Chronograph Charles Darwin Watch In Bronze Hands-On Hands-On

Ulysse Nardin’s Imperial Blue Watch With Flying Tourbillon And 4-Gong Sonnerie In Sapphire Hands-On

Ulysse Nardin’s Imperial Blue Watch With Flying Tourbillon And 4-Gong Sonnerie In Sapphire Hands-On

According to US Agency Watches that produced the timepieces for 24, their directive was to create a bold timepiece that indicated the time in multiple time zones. The result is an interesting design that feels very much a part of the 24 universe and has a cool feature set. In addition to the two 12 hour time dials, there is a centrally positioned analog compass. This can be used with the rotating directional bezel for navigational purposes. However, it would have been interesting for this to be a centrally mounted GMT hand so that people could use it to count down the show in real time.  In any event this neat watch can also be used to let people play out their own personal 24 scenario fantasies–which should involve lots of screaming and gun waving (don't try that at home).

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I was obviously pretty thrilled to find out I was the winner of the UNIQ P-47 Thunderbolt watch giveaway a few weeks back. I never win anything! Ironically, my wife, daughter and I had just returned Memorial Day weekend from a wonderful vacation in Hawaii to find a package waiting from Tblisi, Georgia. In Hawaii we made time to see the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. Past its solemn and patriotic tone, on display are a number of incredibly detailed murals depicting many famous air and naval battles fought in the Pacific. These included heavy use of the P-47 Thunderbolt which directly inspired this watch.

For top-tier brands like Patek Philippe, exotic materials such as gold, in all its hues, and platinum are almost exclusively used when it comes to their more complicated models, while steel is primarily reserved for the sportier and/or simpler pieces, like the Nautilus and the Aquanaut. The irony this creates is that once steel–this most ordinary material–is coupled with a flagship reference, it immediately gains a status of desirability, due to it being systematically ignored in the past. In this environment exotic pales into usual, and ordinary becomes special. At Baselworld 2014, Patek Philippe has announced that it terminated the manufacturing of its very complex–and equally desirable–annual calendar automatic chronograph Reference 5960 in any and all precious metals, and from now on will offer it exclusively in stainless steel. That is a bold decision to make, and one that likely caught even the brand's more cult followers off-guard.

The dial will likely be available in a few colors and here is shown in off-white with red accents and those clean black hands. I love the very straight-forward dial with the inner hour markers and outer minute markers. The small seconds dial balances with the date window and even though the M 29 Small Second is similar to the standard M 29, it offers a welcome additional flavor. Size on the wrist is a generous 42.4mm in width for the polished and brushed steel case. The substantial lugs and crown protectors give the watch a serious feel that allows it to look like a serious tool versus some skinny dress watch.

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Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Ferrari Titanium Yellow Watch Hands-On Hands-On

What is perhaps more interesting (and unknown) is what the future of Porsche Design watches will be. The Group claims that Porsche Design timepieces will undergo a "strategic realignment," and further that "the luxury brand is expected to reposition itself in the luxury watch category by the middle of [2014]." That sounds suspiciously like a price change, and I have a feeling it will not be an increase. If I were to guess correctly I would say that moving forward Porsche Design timepieces will be a bit more accessibly priced with a focus on a more mainstream consumer. They won't be inexpensive, but more than likely less than they are now. Finding another partner like Eterna will be difficult, but it is possible that focusing on a more mainstream appeal will help their profitability. At current Porsche Design watch prices there is an awful lot of competition. Though aBlogtoWatch readers know we have often been a champion of the brand as well as the role Eterna played in it.

Congrats to Alex I. from Romania, who is the lucky winner of the three Swatch watches for Mother's and Father's day that we gave away on aBlogtoWatch last month in May. He will be enjoying his new family of Swatch watches soon.

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Labor Day Watch Finds!

AZ Fine Time: Grand Seiko is certainly our flagship brand.  It is our number one brand and we are their biggest dealer in the States.  We excel with all of Seiko's luxury products, which has expanded tremendously over the years with the Astron GPS collection, a handful of the Galante series, and even very small amounts of Credor.  We've been doing business with Seiko for many years now, pretty much since they introduced the Seiko Spring Drive series.  We can easily say that they make some of the most innovative, accurate, unique and beautifully crafted watches in the industry.  We're very proud to be a part of their expansion in luxury products in the USA.

The purpose of this article isn't to give you a totally inside look at Rolex. That isn't possible because as of now there is a strict "no photography" policy at Rolex. There is a very real mystique behind the manufacture because they are relatively closed and their operations aren't public. The brand takes the concept of Swiss discreetness to a new level, and in a lot of ways that is good for them. So since we can't show you what we saw, I'd like to share with you some interesting facts that every Rolex and watch lover should know.

1. Rolex Uses An Expensive And Difficult-To-Machine Steel Because It Looks Better

Inside that case, you've got a quartz Ronda movement driving the four hands (hours, minutes, seconds, and GMT) as well as the date display. This is all read out on a cleanly laid out dial. While the use of numerals is sparing, where they do appear, they are nice and large (indices are just slightly smaller). This keeps a clean appearance, while allowing for easy readability.

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Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.012

aBlogtoWatch offered a hands-on look at the Arnold & Son Time Pyramid watch last year - you can make your own determination on how interesting its design is. The highly skeletonized movement was inspired by a skeletonized British clock from around 1830. The triangular shape of the movement was the source of the "pyramid" part of the name. The 2014 Time Pyramid in steel offers a new look for the watch in contrast to the 18k red gold version. From lighter to darker, the movement in this model is finished in a dark gray color over the traditional Cote de Geneve and other decorative polishing techniques.

We are often exposed to the head-to-head competitions between Swiss watch brands, be they from the luxury or the mid- to lower-end segment. But there is another fierce race going on to win the hearts (and the savings!) of watch fans by major companies operating far-and-away from the Vallée de Joux. Among the latest great battles is the one between two Japanese mega-companies Seiko and Citizen, both investing heavily into the development of the world's finest GPS controlled watches.

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The Real World of Watches – Who We Are

This past week in a special presentation ceremony held at the Tourneau Time Machine flagship store on 57th Street in Manhattan, JEANRICHARD unveiled a special limited edition timepiece called the "208 Seconds" commemorating The Miracle On The Hudson - which was the plane that had an emergency river landing and was piloted by captain Sully.


So, What was Randy's first watch crush that might have started this? Well, he had one which many share - the classic stainless steel Royal Oak 15300 with the blue dial. So, why didn't he just buy it? He simply could not justify the price at the time. Now it all makes sense....

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Special Rolex Deepsea Replica

For 2014, boutique Swiss watch maker MB&F releases its next "performance art" watch that combines a member of the MB&F watch family with the talent of an artist appreciated by the brand and its founder, Max Busser. This concept has been around almost since the beginning of the brand and here takes the form of the limited edition Legacy Machine 1 (LM1) Xia Hang timepiece. What is new about it? Look closely and you'll see a modification to the original LM1's vertical power reserve indicator on the dial.

Autodromo Prototipo Chronograph Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The MeisterSinger Salthora Changes Up A Singular Design Watch Releases

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Collector's Corner: Could I ever be a one watch guy?

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends January 3, 2014 ABTW Round-Ups

If you've been curious who won the March LA.B AM3 Marron watch we gave-away last month in September on aBlogtoWatch then it was Amor A. from Sweden. Congrats to him.

It's not surprising to hear that the new model is simply called the Runwell Chrono 41mm. As with their other models, this is a quartz-driven piece. This model uses their Argonite 5021 movement, which is assembled from 84 components provided to them by Ronda. This movement is housed in a fully polished 41mm stainless steel case. The overall feel of this case is one of compactness. You don't have a lot of extra steel to the edges of the dial - just the bezel, and then its onto the side of the case.

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Sports Legends In Time…

For 2014, the Turbine Pilot is the first actual pilot version of the Turbine, and is a bit ironic because it tries to be both a serious pilot watch and a whimsical watch based on the decorative nature of the spinning dial rotor. Can it be both? You'll have to decide that for yourself. It does look cool on the wrist.

The idea of a timepiece that is able to remind you of important dates and anniversaries is really cool. Admittedly this is the type of useful function that digital devices have been able to easy dominate. Given that a customer of the Augustus I will have to choose the 12 events in advance they would have to consider them before buying the watch, and changing them would be time consuming and expensive. So this really turns into an interesting but highly niche emotional item given that people's mobile phone or e-mail calendars are set up for this a lot better.

The day was spent watching warm-up dives from sunny deck of the SS "Is Mike Gonna' Hit That Other Boat?" or the refreshing waters of the surrounding lake. From the surface of the water the divers appear suicidal, and later when I stood on the same platform, the impression was all but confirmed. You could jump, said that little voice in my head. While the structure of diving may be simple, the sport is fairly complex. Red Bull takes a sport that the Olympics operates at 33 feet and pushes it to a max of 92 feet (66 feet for the women). They have taken a construct that we all understand and applied the typical Red Bull philosophy of identifying the edge of the sport's possibility and then collecting athletes willing to leap into the unknown.

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