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How to describe the AM2 case textually? I mean I don't really need to as the case is in front of your eyes, but I would call it a rounded square or rectangle. Certainly angular, the case benefits from heaps of curves and soft edges. Enough sharp lines find their way on the dial and details to keep the look of quality up. The steel case is actually 38mm wide. It looks and feels smaller. Even though 38mm wide is usually large enough for a squarish watch, the bezel is so wide that it feels more medium-sized. MARCH LA.B still isn't a "large watch brand," but the AM2 doesn't feel petite.

Aside from Zegg & Cerlati's watches is their rather impressive range of appendage adornments. Most notable is the finest cock ring I have ever seen. In my time I have viewed a lot of cock rings and this one is by far the most comfortable looking and luxurious. The color and poise of the cock done in yellow, rose, and white gold helps frame its bold stature and firm pose. "Signe du Coq" is truly an apt name for such a strong cock ring.

Limited edition of 700 pieces

Hublot King Power Diego Maradona Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

Hublot King Power Diego Maradona Limited Edition Watch Hands-On

Engraved case back depicting the flame of liberty lighting up the stars and stripes of the American flag

What are some of the precise differences from the prototype to this final version? Here are some words from them on the matter:

aBtR: Will it be possible to update a Touch Time watch with new features or updated software?
DB: Currently, like any digital watch the Touch Time will ship with all of its code built-in. Not upgradeable by a customer at this time.

Cyrus Klepcys Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Cartier Tank Anglaise Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Call this GF watch "ol' blue eye" like I did and you are sure to gain points with the brand. They call it "magic." We can both refer to it as Royal Blue - and beautiful. While not the most technically complex new Greubel Forsey watch of 2012, this one is probably the prettiest. It is a limited edition (duh) version of their existing Tourbillon 24 Secondes watch and it took my breath away (and potentially my life savings a few times over).

Bell & Ross BR 01 Horizon, Altimeter, & Turn Coordinator Watches Hands-On Hands-On

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Fortis Wants To Make Custom Labeled Watches For You

Fortis Wants To Make Custom Labeled Watches For You

The principle complication here is a five minute repeater. The trick is that activation of the repeater is the only way to see the time - on the dial that is. Turning one of the crowns activates the five minute repeater, which also activates the dial animation. The figurine moves along a linear path indicating the hour, while either a star (men's Midnight model) or kite (ladies' model) moves across the sky to indicate the minutes. A five-minute repeater will use a series of gongs and hammers to sound a song that tells the time to the closest five minute mark. Charming.

Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 1887 SpaceX Chronograph Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Reading the watch is done via the hour and minute hands on the right dial and the seconds on the left. The deep view into the movement is nice, but the legibility could have been improved if the Richard Mille included a full set of hour markers, not just some of them. For their size, the hands are rather easy to see, and both the hands and hour markers have applied lume. If anything saves this watch it is the view into the movement.

Aside from that naming oversight, the tourbillon is really nice. Jaquet Droz uses a sapphire crystal case for the tourbillon. A bit similar in style to a flying tourbillon (but cooler), the tourbillon in this case looks as though it is floating in air as it revolves around itself. I also think that the simple looking Grande Seconde watch dials are benefited by the addition of the visual mechanics in the tourbillon. These finally look like haute horology items.

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More than an icon, more than a legend, the Omega Speedmaster is one of the most popular and desired watches around the world. For over 40 years the sport watch that has been on the moon and on our minds, has also had a place on countless wrists. It has represented quality, durability, and adventure to many people. Omega has maintained and grown the collection over the years with all manners of variations, limited editions, and unique versions. All in all, the Omega Speedmaster for many people is the quintessential sport chronograph.

There are a lot of things that Rolex does right.  Rolex’s sapphire crystals with the tell-tale cyclops, tractor-like movements, and patented water tight cases are what define tool watches. Despite Rolex's numerous patents and technical achievements, there are aspects that Rolex completely misses.  Night visibility and the amount of lume on a Rolex watch face and hands is always a criticism, and the "tuna-can" like clasp and bracelet links that are truly utilitarian and rarely failed, but were frequently criticized when matched with other brands. Many now-vintage Rolex watches do not have the original bracelet as that was the first item to wear out.  For decades Rolex's glacier-like design changes and staying true to being "evolutionary" rather than be "revolutionary," leaves a classic watch open for improvements.

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The Revolution Shelby 1000 watch is 43.5mm wide in steel. The limited edition version is in black vulcanized rubber coated steel. The normal version has some rubber elements with a brushed steel case. The bezel has a tachymeter (of course) and the sides of the case are black on both models. I really like how the chronograph pushers are integrated into the design to look like crown guards. I have always had a weakness for this design style.

Contributed by Adam Morin

Breuget still uses a steel case for the 44mm wide Type XXII 3880ST watch. It is quite thick at about 17.3mm. Another new element on the dial is the "10Hz" label which is a bit of a logo at this point. We saw it as well on the Breguet Classique Chronometrie 10Hz watch (discussed here). These wonderful high-rate silicon-based Breguet watches are cool and beautiful. Are they useful from an horological perspective? To be honest I am not sure. Get them for what you think they could be, versus what they actually are. Price for this hummingbird of a Breguet is in the range of ,000.

The movement inside of the watch is known as the Ven_10.1 digital quartz movement. I assume "Ven" stands for Ventura. It has the time, full calendar, chronograph, countdown timer, alarm, and second timezone. Made in Germany, the case is steel and comes in either this black tone, or in brushed steel. While it is available on a rubber strap, I think it looks best on the single link metal bracelet. The case is water resistant to 30 meters and is a rounded rectangle being 36.7mm wide by 41.8mm tall. I could have used a bit more size, but it is a unique look that works for many wrists. Plus, there are very few other watch cases out there with this shape. It feels very instrumental, but made for the home. Sometimes it looks like a bathroom weight scale made for the wrist.

Watch What-If: Rolex Sky-Dweller Watch What-If

MARCH LA.B AM2 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The piece(s) for review here are the Gucci i-Gucci Sport watches. These come in a few styles and I had two i-Guccis to check out. They also  comes in a few sizes. What you see are the XXL models, but they also come in the more petite XL (Extra Large) size. XXL models are 49mm wide and the XL models are 44mm wide. Though with the wide sloping bezel and lugless design they wear smaller than they are. Also note that I think the smaller i-Gucci model has less features.

Playing with the movement is fun. It more or less operates just as you would expect. The digital display is novel and adjusts rapidly as time passes. You need to decide whether this is a super high-end nerd watch, or a sophisticated techie watch. Hard to say...