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I recently nominated a few key luxury watch brands for a reader poll on The poll was to determine what brand people considered to be the top luxury brand. Not exactly a scientific study, but it is interested to see what people who read the world's top luxury blog had to say on the topic. It wasn't too difficult to consider the nominees. It wasn't a matter of who necessary made the best looking or most mechanically perfect watches, but rather about perception.

Bid now Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic For 2009: Return Of A Classic, Again Watch Releases
Hamilton Khaki Belowzero 1000m Mens Automatic Watch
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Gustafsson & Sjögren Dragon Watch Available On James List Sales & Auctions

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World of Watches’ Best-Seller Spotlight

Bear Grylls Sticks With Casio: Wears G-Shock In Current Man Vs. Wild Season Watch Releases

Another part of enamel work is the various type of engraving that is involved. Engraving the metal substrate before the enamel is applied is called "Champlevé," which is a very common type of enamel work done on watch dials. There each area that is engraved must be baked separately, but the results can be beautiful. There are other types of engravings that can be done. This can be manually done with tools, or via acid solutions. I don't specifically know whether engravings take place before or after the enamel is baked - or during both times.

The case of the watch is in steel and 41mm wide. It is actually a bit smaller than some of the other Marvin watches that are 44mm wide, but I like the size. Sometimes you don't want something as large on your wrist - and the 41mm size feels friendly and familiar. Most of the case is brushed, while little elements (such as parts of the lugs and around the bezel) are polished. Marvin applies the sapphire crystal on their watches in a unique fashion. The crystal itself is flat, but around the edges it is faceted before it goes into the case. It creates and additional point for light to refract off the watch and is a good character element for the brand. The rear of the watch has a K1 mineral crystal on the caseback window looking into the movement. Another interesting feature the seal of the Marvin company founders that is engraved on the bottom left hand side of the watch case. It reads "M & E D." This stands for Marc & Emmanuel Didisheim, who are the people responsible for Marvin's original beginning a quite long time ago (circa 1850). I've never seen a watch company place just such an engraving on the case, and I quite like it. You'll find this engraving on most all of their watches in the current brand lineup.

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Kazimon Drei Chronograph Titanium Watch Watch Releases

The two timezones are convenient. You will use this function often if, for instance, you have family in a different timezone or if you are a frequent flier. The 24 hour dial would also be convenient in outer space where sunshine does not determine whether it is day or night and the strong photo-luminescence of the hands and markers gives a clear view of both times in all light conditions. Keep this in mind for your next intergalactic sojourn. More important is that the distinct GMT function gives the BR-01 93 an attractive style that conforms to Bell & Ross' credo to never compromise function for the sake of design.

Last Chance To Win Orbita Watch Winder Giveaways Luxury Items

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Omega Speedmaster Speedy Tuesday Limited Edition Left The Factory

I do applaud Romain Jerome for being so ballsy and avant garde. They have made some nice one-off or limited edition pieces that spit in the face of fellow Swiss who are highly conservative most of the time - especially in terms of watch design. Actually, even Romain Jerome's non limited edition watches are "special." Love them or hate them you have to appreciate their niche and determination to be different.  However, that doesn't mean I have to love everything they make. This new special "art" watch by French artist André Chéca is a bit much for me. It is one of those things that I freely admit not liking, but appreciate the artistic endeavors behind it, and that it exists. As though I wouldn't get pissed about it being in a museum ("That isn't art, I could do that!"), but I would openly discuss my distaste for it ("My lord this piece tickles the vomit enticing regions of my gullet").

So the included watch will be this shown new Parmigiani Bugatti Tourbillon. A watch that has four purposes. First it will fit into at least two spots on the car (center of the dashboard, as well as near the instrument panel cluster), fit into a wrist watch strap module, fit into a pocket watch module, and bit into a desk clock module. I am not sure whether the watch will be wound somehow while being docked into the car. This should be the case though right?

In addition to having a thinner profile, the watch has more metal on it that the PAW-1500. The bezel has some polished and textured metal, which makes for a nice look. We aren't talking about thick high-grade steel, but it does make for a better look. There are actually going to be two versions of this new Pathfinder PAW-2000 watch, there will be the PAW-2000-1, and the PAW-2000-7. They will have a resin strap or titanium bracelet respectively. My PAW-1500 has the titanium bracelet which is great, but each will work nicely. Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Is Coming Watch Releases

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Suunto Elementum Aqua Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Orbita Sparta 1 Tesla Watch Winder Review Luxury Items

In the video Biver gives us a few hints about the future of Hublot. Namely "manufacture." We know that Hublot is gonna get its own movements to go inside of its watches already with price points as though they already do have their own movements. So in maybe 3-5 years we will start to see something new from Hublot. All that bangin' Big Bang success has been able to fund some serious expansion and deserved ambition by Mr. Biver. He also talks about some of the peripheral things that they haven collaborated on. Like the Hublot bicycle or skis. I have a feeling that these products are only branded Hublot, without and of their design, which is probably good. Why then, is it fair for him to talk about them like they are Hublot products. What the hell Biver, you talk about them however you like, I still like the watches!

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The First Speedmaster Professional Moonphase 1985

Aside from the lack of GMT and bezel, the watch case is mostly the same, if not identical to the GMT model. The dial feels a bit cleaner and more classy, and Omega is hitting high with this watch having all the gold models. Aiming straight at Rolex. Omega has a lot weight behind these feelings as stats show that other similar Omega watches top worldwide online searches for watch models - translation, these watches are in high demand. But that does not mean that everyone can afford them. Companies like to infer that just because people are interested in a watch model means they are ready to buy. Perhaps it is (spooky noise, people interested in cheap replicas! All the watch industry people are now gasping.

Heads up Magrette fans, your favorite New Zealand watch maker is about to release a new limited edition model - their first diving watch. Being an enthusiastic lover of diving watches, I am thrilled. Best part is that in addition to the watch being a new model, the case and dial are much upgraded, taking the brand to yet another high level. The watch is the Magrette Moana Pacific Diver, the a new diving watch version of the Moana Pacific watch that I reviewed here. I continue talking about Magrette watches because I keep hearing from my reader that you love them - good thing I share the same sentiment.

Check out an article I did about the Christophe Claret Dual Tow watch here on There you will get the basics. Let me say again that Claret is making the limited edition watch customizable. The website configurator for the watch allows you to choose all sorts of personalized materials and colors. The watch further comes with an alligator and rubber strap. I don't want this article to be filled with numbers and figures. My other articles or Claret's website will tell you the little details. I want to share with you what it is like to wear, operate, and look at the Dual Tow watch.

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Numbered Gold Speedmasters As Tribute To The Renewed Flight Qualification For The Space Shuttle

Apparently Parmigiani started selling watches that had warranty papers with Prooftag bubble patterns starting last June. The concept is great, and of course it is cool. Part of the problem however is that unless the Prooftag identifiers are directly on the watch itself, you still have the possibility of "funny business." It would be possible to incorporate the tags somewhere on the back of the watch or on the inner parts of the lugs. Now that would be impressive use of the technology and really a prevention of passing off fake watches as real ones.

Look at the sapphire crystal, and you'll see that it is meant to emulate the raised and rounded look of an acrylic crystal, but it is in fact sapphire. You then have the chronograph pushers that are just like those seen on models from the 1940's - though very useful still. There is also the size of the watch that is 41mm wide. This might actually seem quite medium by today's standards, but is a good size for those many people who rightfully worry about watches that are too big looking on their wrist.

DWATCH 1000m Diving Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews The DWATCH makes me happy each time I wear it. I like the heft, the style, the value, and the obvious professional quality of the watch are all things I consider when I say this. Though I'll likely never use the watch anywhere near its threshold level of durability, it is always good to know that your gear can survive where you can't. I can easily suggest the DWATCH to anyone who is moved by the style or actually needs a serious diver watch. The DWATCH also receives a lot of compliments (from both men and women alike). The term "sexy" was even thrown about. Such comments weren't the clencher, but they help reinforce the fact that the DWATCH gets an Seal of Approval award. It isn't easy to get this much bang, for any buck. I've enjoyed luxury diver watches several times the price of the DWATCH that just don't feel as satisfying. The special reader prices for the DWATCH watches are 9 (normally 49) for the watch with the metal bracelet and 9 (94) for the watch on the rubber strap. These special reader prices will continue as long as promotion quantities last. Check with DWATCH and mention when inquiring about an order.

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True Story About The New Speedmaster Racing

Or, download/stream the .mp3 here: "The Ugliest Watch in the World, the El Primero, and TAG's mistake"

LUM-TEC 500M Watch Coming In 2010

LUM-TEC 500M Watch Coming In 2010

Jaeger-LeCoultre Hybris Mechanica Grande Sonnerie, Thoughts On The Most Complicated Watch In The World Watch Releases

See my Breguet Tradition Ref. 7027 watch article at Haute Living here.

Breuget Tradition Ref. 7027 Watch Watch Releases
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Breuget Tradition Ref. 7027 Watch Watch Releases
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Breuget Tradition Ref. 7027 Watch Watch Releases
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Breuget Tradition Ref. 7027 Watch Watch Releases
Breguet Classique 5177BR Automatic Mens BNIB With Warranty
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Breuget Tradition Ref. 7027 Watch Watch Releases
Breguet Classique 5177BA Automatic Mens BNIB With Warranty
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Breuget Tradition Ref. 7027 Watch Watch Releases
Breguet Classique Alarm 5707BA Automatic Mens BNIB With Warranty
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Speedmaster Missions Collection Suitcase

My Perrelet Semi-Skeletonized Split-Seconds Chronograph Watch Article On Haute Living Announcements

Boucheron Bestiary Ronde Seconde Folle Collection, The Chameleon, Frog, And Owl Watches Watch Releases

Thanks to DWATCH for the review timepiece. Reviews are 100% completely independent.

Martin Braun Grande Chrono Watch Available On James List

Martin Braun Grande Chrono Watch Available On James List
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Grand Seiko Live Event @ IWC Replica Watches

The Japanese Lacquer models also have five versions. The two pictured ones have rich variety of mocha browns and other tones common in traditional Japanese art work. Van Cleef & Arpels used five works from master artist Hakose San. Each faithfully re-visioned for use on a watch dial. These models also have 42mm wide platinum cases and contain automatic Caliber 800P movements. Each of the watches in the Midnight Extraordinary series aren't the easiest to read in terms of the time, but these are really art watches, meant to show off the dials and display the time in more of a secondary way. I'll try to get more images of these obvious beauties soon.

Gucci Marina Chain Watch Collection - Women's Cruise 2009 Watch Releases

This watch review was contributed by a watch enthusiast from Finland. I am proud to continue you to present you with a world-wide, watch lover perspective. You can once in a while get a break from my snarky tone and listen to a different perspective on reviewing a watch. Ezteem is a newer Swedish watch brand (about 5 years old). I personally enjoy their smooth designer look. This is certain a suave modern dive style watch. The writer below is Santtu Määttänen, a Finnish national and marketing professional, as well a and watch hobbyist who can give you a northern European perspective on our "horological imperative." By the way, please let me add that English is not the writer's first language, so please take that into consideration when reading his review:

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