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This video can be found on, and enjoys a good deal of interesting comments from the blog's readers. Not surprisingly, a good amount of the people either defend or explain Apple's actions as being reasonable, or expected from a company that can do that. There is always the "if you don't like it, don't use an iPod or iTunes" approach. All this may be true, but it doesn't remove the basic idea that Apple was totally bullying this reporter. And I am using "Apple" as a general term, because there is no doubt in my mind that this is a company wide practice which is authorized and directed from above (i.e. Steve Jobs and the Apple goons). The idea that a company is so arrogant as to direct the media in such a matter is capitalistic of course, but is also troubling when you want to think that the press is free, unbiased, and that products are made for consumers, rather than consumers being made for products.

I featured the similar Sinn 757 UTC (that is the same model but with a 24 hour GMT hand) in my article about watches that would suit someone well if they were to be stranded on a deserted island. The SInn 757 is among the few mechanical watches that has the potential for operating many years without worry or accuracy dilemmas.

Case - Stainless steel, 44 mm
Dial - Carbon fibre
Bracelet/Strap - Black alligator leather

This is a good way to combine a love of art, the steampunk, aesthetic, and watch collecting. Using a mechanical analog movement, the artist has combined a number of features making this a fully functional piece of art, which happens to be very trendy among many circles as steampunk is very "in" right now. For those of you who have missed out on Olga's creations before, here is another chance.

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Cousins Compared! Considering The Differences Between The Marcello C. Nettuno 3 And Tridente Dive Watches Wrist Time Reviews
Marcello C Diavolo Automatic MInt Condition
Time Remaining: 9d 15h 10m
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Cousins Compared! Considering The Differences Between The Marcello C. Nettuno 3 And Tridente Dive Watches Wrist Time Reviews
Marcello C Nettuno 3 Mens Black Dial Stainless Steel Bracelet GMT 300M Watch
Time Remaining: 17d 2h 9m
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The watch itself has style elements from all over the place, yet there is nothing out there that looks like it. The shape of the case looks like a Bell & Ross BR-01 with a gun trigger, though the strap is connected from the bottom, without lugs, but rather bolted to the case. This is needed for the slide out module to work well. The face is quite sparse and likely large. Clarify will be good, but I would have liked to see some more functionality. A jet-setting spy could use some additional functions. GMT maybe? A chronograph? That isn't too much to ask for is it? The images probably don't do the watch too much justice. I look forward to seeing one in the flesh for a real determination of how well it would go with a tuxedo.

The hands on this watch really stand out. In a rare move, Tag Heuer chose to go with sword hands that look like claymore swords. Large hands tapering inward with excellent luminant for night viewing. The seconds hand even has a squared section with luminant for the night viewing of seconds, a less common, but appreciated feature. Around the face of the watch is a rotating bezel. I find it hard to buy watches without rotating bezels as I love this feature so much. These bezels are used for independent time measures of up to one hour. What is so nice about the Tag Heuer Link's bezel, is that it is useful yet subdued. The numbers are etched deeply into the bezel for a clean and quality look that does not poke out when looking at the watch. Turning the bezel is pleasant if not a bit stiff. You hear reassuring clicks as the bezel firmly moves into place. Living with this watch has proved that it tells time easily and reliably. I welcome wearing my Tag Heuer Link anytime and know it will give me no fusses when I need to check the time.

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Future Diving With N.O.A; The 4.80 Scyllis Dive Watch Watch Releases

Which brings me to Marcello C, a relative infant among many watch makers, having only been founded in the 1990s. Marcello C takes a simple approach to making watches. Essentially, they use time-tested and approved classic designs with their own twist, apply high grade materials, and sell them at affordable prices. It is a Swiss watch maker with a German watch maker ethic, and it works. Part of being a newer watch maker is getting your name and product out there, and aggressive pricing is a big part of this. Even though Marcello C watches are priced well, their watches are slowly increasing in cost as they become more comfortable with the admiring fans they have been able to increasingly cultivate.

The rotating bezel is also very well done. Two sections fit together to provide a dual natured bezel. One with indicators and one with actual numbers. This seems to be a running theme with the watch; giving the user options when reading it. The large "12" balances out the watch in an important way. This gives your mind an instant frame of reference for telling the time no matter what direction you are looking at the face from.

Another diving feature is the watch's rotating bezel with is a pleasure to turn offering 60 satisfying clicks. Some rotating bezels I have used seem flimsy and disjointed. The Nettuno 3 bezel smoothly, yet firmly moves in one direction around the face offering time measures of up to one hour. I usually use this to measure how much time I have left on a parking meter. I now prefer watches with rotating bezels, as the added functionality is welcome to almost any watch, detracts from the look of an empty bezel which is common.

When did Citizen watches start to become the target of fakes? Its true. I first learned that was selling fake Citizen Campanola watches, such as the Grand Complication. This sort of makes sense as the watches are all above 00 and feature quartz movements. But then I learned that they didn't stop there. They are making fake watches based on authentic Citizen watches which themselves are only a few hundred dollars brand new. I get the market for the fake Rolex or Patek Philippe, but what is the message of faking a Citizen? Something like "I'd really like people to think I am middle class third world country, because I identify that with the highest level of success I'll ever possibly reach, but my status is merely enough to convince people I know how to tell the time if I am wearing a watch." Yes, this statement is odd and contrived, but so is faking a Citizen. Not that there is anything wrong with Citizen, I proudly own a few myself, but I'd never see a reason to buy a fake one.

Finding these watches is rare, as is the case with many "interesting" watches. Luckily for me if I ever am lucky enough to have the the means to purchase one, the watches exclusive dealer is located about 35 minutes from me in Redwood City, CA. I had a chance to meet some of the sales people at Jackson Square Fine Jewels who were very nice and just as watch dedicated as myself. I recommend visiting them if you are in the area ever.

Jacob Arabov probably just got too caught up in the world of his clientèle. So much that he likely felt a bit immune. Can't blame the guy though. As a poor immigrant from Uzbekistan, the guy learned how to survive on the street, which usually didn't involve cooperating with the police. Regardless, the crimes were committed without enough satisfactory defense, and Arabov took a plea bargain.

Like the Gran Prix de Monaco Historique, the Speed Black Chronograph embodies a Valjoux 7750 movement and is a certified Chronometer. Right now, the Speed Black Chronograph is part of a 1000 piece limited edition, and I imagine they will go fact. The watch also has my favorite feature of any Mille Miglia watch, that being the tire tread strap. Chopard still does this the best, using a pattern taken from 1960's Dunlop racing tires (obviously not ultra-slicks). Such straps just look superbly cool sitting on your wrist. Always a good idea. Figure prices to be a bit higher, perhaps in the 00 - 00 range.

See Panerai watches on eBay here. is based out of China, and as is typical of the fare the English (Engrish) is pretty hilarious. Aside from the odd grammar and peculiar choice of words, I get a big kick out of the tag line under the website name as seen above. "Fation Wtches!" I'll let you get the point yourself. Oh, and according to them, you cannot have enough "A" letters to indicate quality. In their case, all watches get a "AAAAA" rating. Sweet!

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Xemex “Quarter” Avenue Watch Is Themed After Bell & Ross BR-01

Xemex “Quarter” Avenue Watch Is Themed After Bell & Ross BR-01

See Bell & Ross watches on Amazon here.Classic Styling Incarnate: The Bell & Ross Geneva 123 Watch Watch Releases

Classic Styling Incarnate: The Bell & Ross Geneva 123 Watch Watch Releases
Bell Ross BRS Strap And Tool
9.07 (1 Bid)
Time Remaining: 1h 14m

The combination of the affluent classic styling and the unique TriRetrograde seconds counters has earned this Milus Herios several design awards. As the Hublot Big Bang did for Hublot, it is my feeling that the Herios TriRetrograde Seconds will add new life in Milus, at least in many markets. Available in a number of color schemes and in highly polished steel or gold, the Milus Herios TriRetrograde costs between ,000 and ,000 depending on the materials and where you purchase it. A rare and desirable watch, it should be instantly recognizable to those able to appreciate the distinct appeal.

950 platinum, 41 mm, set with a pure Top Wesselton diamond (0.02 ct)
Sapphire crystal
Interchangeable solid and sapphire crystal backs

Watch Choice For Survival: Top Pick For Deserted Island Scenario? ABTW Editors' Lists

Merely having dipped her feet in the steampunk style, Olga is planning a serious dive into the genre. Her plans include an expanded series of steampunk clocks, sculptures, watches, jewelry, and of course a gallery-wide exhibition. For those lucky enough to attract her attention, she takes select commissioned projects that interest her. In the meantime, Olga will continue to be herself, and steampunk style will follow.

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Limes Endurance 1Tausend Diver Watch: Spirit Of German Submersion

Limes Endurance 1Tausend Diver Watch: Spirit Of German Submersion

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Easy Looking At The Easy Diver, Dive Watch Series By Roger Dubuis

Easy Looking At The Easy Diver, Dive Watch Series By Roger Dubuis

Much of the time when I go into a watch store, I will enjoy talking about the style, price, and movement, and design of the watch. Half the time the retail people have no idea what I am talking about, and even more of the time, they could care less. The experienced retailers so consumed with the fact that they sell expensive watches that their behavior is so arrogant as to completely turn me, and likely yourself, off to the prospect of buying a watch with them.

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Increasing Interest In Citizen Campanola Watches

Increasing Interest In Citizen Campanola Watches

I would have whined up a storm for something like this when I was a kid. Totally secret agent kind of stuff. I mean, it's not just a phone on your wrist, but the little color touch screen, pull out stylus, promise of media play back, Bluetooth, and other features just about makes me want to sink the under 0 into one of these phones to play with it. Prices start at about 0. Wearing one of these will make me look like a dork socially (note to Bluetooth headset wearers everywhere), but my young relatives would love it!