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Finally, and perhaps most interestingly, you should not be surprised to learn that about 40 years ago (when the quartz revolution that so many in the watchmaking industry would want to forget now) was about to take hold, Jack Heuer visited Silicon Valley and met with some of the forefathers of this region. Folks like Fairchild Semiconductors' co-founders Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, who later went on to found Intel Corp., and what he saw immediately alerted him to what was to come. While his insights were not enough to help avoid a dark chapter in the Swiss watch industry, it definitely help reinforced the notion that innovation is key to long term success in all technology companies. Sure mechanical watches do not enjoy innovation curves like those of the semiconductor industry, there is no Moore's law for watch making, however, like for all technology-based companies, the ones who survive and do well are the ones who incessantly innovate.

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Vintage 1970s Heuer Monza

MB&F HM5 RT Watch Is The Horological Driving Machine In Gold Watch Releases

Are you like me and love top-quality German dive watches with a no-nonsense attitude? Brands like Sinn, UTS, and of course Muhle Glashutte? If you do then I have a feeling you are going to enjoy the Rasmus 2000 collection of uber divers from our friends up in Glashutte. Pay no mind to the fact that the guys who designed this watch live in the cold mountains of Saxony, pretty far from any oceans. Further, a term you see on many of their watches is "Nautische Instrumente," which obviously is "nautical instrument." The Rasmus 2000 is just one of many ocean-worthy watches from the brand, and in my opinion is one of their best looking pieces at that.

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Now, in 1957 if the average watch lover spent all his/her hard-earned yearly income on Rolex Submariners, he could have bought 11 of them. By contrast, in 2012 when the average per capita income in the United States was ,693 and the same model cost ,500, the average US yearly wage bought you only 5.65 no-date Submariners.

How the atomic clock watch idea came into his frame of thinking isn't entirely clear, but it started with his discovery of the Symmetricom SA.45s CSAC (chip scale atomic clock). Originally released in 2011, the SA.45s was the worlds first fully contained atomic clock assembly small enough to be put on a computer board (thus, computer "chip scale"). According to Patterson, his first conversation with Symmetricom was awkward. Apparently they never though their chip would be used in a wristwatch, let alone any consumer product for that matter.

Well, it turns out the P-47 was the most famous contribution of legendary aircraft designer Alexander Kartveli, a Georgian immigrant to the United States. Enter the P-47 Thunderbolt pilot's chronograph, a fitting tribute to the heaviest, most well armed and fastest fighter of WWII, as well as celebrating Tsikolia's Georgian heritage. Big ol' WWII bird of big ol' pilot's chrono!

Oris Divers Titan "C" Small Second, Date Titanium Ceramic Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Seiko Astron Solar GPS Watch New Design Added For 2014 Watch Releases

While most of the aesthetic lines from this time period have been culled from the current collection, the skeletal opening used on what was then called the “Chronomaster Open” watch is almost identical to that of the current El Primero Chronomaster Power Reserve. While Zenith came out with other open models in the early and mid 2000s that featured various shaped windows, only the Chronomaster Open allowed a complete view of the balance and escapement wheel. Accordingly, it’s no surprise that it’s the shape they retained for the current collection.

The tourbillon, caged beneath a small seconds sub dial, commands the lower portion of the dial adding the intriguing motion of Abraham Louis Breguet's mechanical mechanism beneath a stolid bridge. Originally designed to counteract the gravitational effects on the movement of a pocket watch, the current attraction of the tourbillon is not in its original function proposed by Breguet, but rather as a recognized feat of horological expertise. The assembly of a tourbillon is quite complex, as the balance and escapement is placed within a cage performing one revolution per minute.

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Ball Engineer II Magneto S Watch With Iris Anti-Magnetic Caseback Watch Releases

The 6003 is composed of 229 components, including 32 jewels and the dead beat mechanism visible on the dial. With a power reserve of 50 hours, this movement runs at 28,800 vph and is host to a high level of finishing.

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Cliff Diving With Red Bull And Maurice Lacroix Giveaways

4. A. Lange & Söhne Richard Lange Perpetual Calendar “Terraluna” Watch Hands-On

Over the years we have continued to expand our Speidel ID bracelet product line, including the introduction of the very popular and successful My First ID® bracelets for children, and Medilog® Medical Alert bracelets – which have helped to save countless lives by notifying first responders and medical teams of health-related conditions of the wearer. And, like all Speidel IDs, they are proudly made in America.

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends October 25, 2013

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends October 25, 2013

I've never been shy about my love of white watches, so predictably I really like this new more summery ROO Diver in a more light tone. Yes, it is true that white watches look great on women, but that is when they are mixed with more feminine cases. In my opinion, you can tastefully take an otherwise masculine men's watch, produce it in white, and it will still look very cool. I think over the last few years more and more guys are keen on wearing white watches, and with options like this I can totally understand why. That isn't to say that all white men's watches are a success. In 2012, we brought you a hands-on look at an Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph in steel and white. Apparently Omega decided never to produce it - that, we think is a shame.

Omega produced this Sedna gold ref. Constellation watch as a limited edition of 1,952 pieces in celebration of the year that Omega debuted the Constellation family in 1952. Inside the watch is an in-house made Caliber 8501 automatic Co-Axial movement. This is similar to the 8500 movement, but the 8501 adds an 18k gold bridge over the balance wheel and an 18k rose gold automatic rotor.

Armin Strom One Week Skeleton Watch Hands-On: Engraved & Beautiful Hands-On

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For 2014, a principle new release from Rolex is the completely revamped Rolex Cellini collection of dress watches. This includes three models that we have decided to cover each in separate posts. Right here we will cover the most complicated of the Rolex dress watches, the Rolex Cellini models, known as the reference 50529 and 50525 Rolex Cellini Dual Time. It sits next to the Rolex Cellini Date and Rolex Cellini Time models that are also new this year.

Talk about what your absolute dream watch would be like and why that appeals to you.

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