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-In order to highlight the Square Wheel and cloverleaf making up the principal cogs in the movement, it was decided to create a dial on the main plate itself (dial side)

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The long-awaited new steel version of the new generation of Rolex Submariner watches is here. The official name is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date. This is not a surprise release from the brand for 2010. However, the introduction of a standard green dial is something I didn't expect. Like clockwork, over the last few years Rolex has been updating their GMT Master II collection and then a white gold new Submariner. Last year, they released a new two-tone (steel and gold) Submariner watch with a blue or a black dial. It was only logical that this year would see the release of a new all steel Submariner, ref. 116610. This is most important because the steel versions are the most popular - given their position as having the lowest cost version of one of the most popular timepieces on the planet (if not the most popular luxury watch on the planet).

Like all Formula 1 watches the Khaki is very legible, thanks to a clever hand and indicator design. The dial also has a lot of luminant on it for night viewing. Since the new style of Formula 1 watch has come out, I have appreciated the dimensions of the case as well as the really nice bezel. Tag Heuer says the black coating  The black tone extends to the crown guards as well as the large crown itself (which is also in titanium carbide like the bezel). The crystal is sapphire.

Below that are two new models from NOA's 16.75 watch collection. Again, with Swiss quartz movement and awesome looking raised numerals and blend into the chapter ring. They are actually in painted metal and have a very high-quality look to them. These are among the best looking three-dimensional watches out there. You gotta love that refined, modern, technical look.

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Located at three o'clock is a power reserve indicator. The manually would movement hold up to 120 hours of power. That is a lot, and it is spread out through 4 mainspring barrels that are all stacked on top of one another. It looks like a large cylinder on the dial and can't be missed at between 10 and 11 o'clock on the dial. The whole thing spins when you wind the watch. There is constant movement going on the dial at all times. That mixed with the very high-grade finishing and polishing of the movement pieces makes it all very nice to constantly look at. You can also be sure that unlike some larger watches, the Double Tourbillon is very comfy to wear. Very ergonomic in design, with a well fitting padded black alligator strap. The deployment clasp is pretty neat as well. I like it when smaller indy watch makers take into consideration these elements of a watch as well.

OK, so enough about the making of the book, is it worth checking out? That is a good question, because it isn’t exactly cheap. While you get a beautiful, useful, and heavy tome, the IWC history book costs about 250 Swiss Francs. To be honest I was skeptical at first. It is easy to put in a ton of pictures, and dress up text with glossy pages and a fancy publishing job. That isn’t the case here. What impressed me most about the book was the organization. Each major watch collection has its own section. So let’s say you are interested in the Aquatimer. IWC dive watches have an entire section complete with history, technology, and a review of many models — both modern and historic. It gives people a way to feel much more connected to watches they may have, as well as learn about potential collections they are interested in.

We talk about a few bad developments at Baselworld 2010 (not all new watches are good!) Then, we cut into an interview that John had with the founder of RGM watches - the only mechanical watch maker in America that makes their own movements.

Unlike most dive watches the Oris Diver Date has a see-through caseback with a view into the automatic mechanical movement. Of course the watch still retains 300 meters of water resistance. I am pretty sure the movement is a Swiss ETA 2824-2. You can see Oris's signature mostly red automatic rotor. The watch comes with nicely polished steel strap, and either the rubber strap is included or comes separately. It is a nice way to mix up the style, as well as the weight of the watch that is likely heavy (which I like). I further enjoy how Oris decided to place the date window at the 6 o'clock position making it more symmetrical. There is even a dot of lume beneath it as to not tarnish darkness viewing of the watch. Of course you know that I like the dial matching colored disc that the date is on. The rotating diver's bezel is exactly what you would expect. Nothing fancy or sub-par, just your standard easy to operate diver's bezel (with a top of lume at the top.

Episode 28 and I am turning 28 in just a few days. These numbers must mean something. Fun episode about goth girl and silver skull watches. We end with an exclusive interview with Carlos Rosillo, the big wig at the helm of Bell & Ross.

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How do you get a T-Touch 2? Pretty soon Tissot will start to secretly replace all orders for T-Touch watches with the T-Touch 2. Tissot actually recently rolled out their own online store here at Shop Tissot. I am quite happy about this, because it true that original T-Touch watches had issues, but they have been resolved. Good to know that Tissot is on top of it, and working to remedy things (albeit covertly).

- Domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides

Some of you will like this watch, some of you won't like this watch at all, and still some of you want this watch so badly you can taste it. Welcome to one of the most polarizing types of designs out there, and it is over a year old already. Personally I am very intrigued by the design, probably since I got to check out this and other Kingsquare watches recently. It is a loud and in your face look, but refined nevertheless - like something Versace watches should be. The King Square line of watches from Roger Dubuis is defined by its square faceted case that angles down on the top and bottom. This means that the sapphire crystal is also faceted. The dial design is like "art deco lightning."  Yea, it does make the watch harder to read, but that is just one of its charming quirks. While this article in on the above watch, I figured it would be a good time to show you some images I took of other Kingsquare watch I saw at SIHH last month. Consider these cousin Kingsquare watches.

I really loved making these visual comparisons - it brought me lots of joy. People at Bertolucci are gonna be irritated a bit I am sure (but those with good humor will enjoy it, and I hope you do t00). I am upset that you really don't see Bertolucci watches in the US anymore. Why, cause we make fun of stuff? It is a brand I would like to see come back in the states. We will see how this whole "economy" thing pans out over the next few years.

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High resolution active matrix EPD screens are used in other devices such as ebook readers like the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader. Seiko has successfully integrated this type of screen into a wrist watch. Not only that, but the watch performs many numerous functions. Those combined with the e-ink screen make this the digital watch to proudly wear this decade. When Seiko first showed me the watch, they were coy on when it might be released. Hinting that it was an early work in progress. The truth is that the Seiko Active Matrix EPD watches will be available by the end of 2010. OK, so let's go over the main things you'll are going to love about this watch. The movement is the Seiko caliber S770 quartz movement, has an active matrix EPD screen, and a solar cell. That is right, the watch receives power via a solar cell (not just sun light) - a first in an e-ink watch as far as I know. Like Casio Pathfinder watches, you can see the thin solar cell outlining the e-ink screen. This also gives the watch a cool retro look. The movement is also radio controlled. Meaning it receives signals from a local atomic clock. I am not sure how many bands the watch receives (four I think), but you are covered if you live in the US, Japan, and most of Europe. There you go - always accurate, never needs a battery, and has a very clear and easy to read screen.

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For starters you should know that Eterna makes all the watches for Porsche Design. So it seemed pretty clear that this was a deliberate move, meant to erase the history of the KonTiki Diver! If you compare the two watches, the Porsche Design P'678 Diver is a bit more simple, streamlined, and hopefully a bit less expensive. The KonTiki Diver retailed for bout ,000. Though it had a ton of cool technology. The complex titanium case flipped out of a cage for winding and for a new position on the wrist. It just felt totally space age. Also, you needed to pull out the inner case so as to move the bezel - that while you operated from the outside, turned on the inside. Powering the the 1000 meter KonTiki Diver watch was an automatic ETA 2897 movement with the time, date, and power reserve indicator. It was pretty kick-ass. So what happened? Well apparently Eterna didn't sell a lot of them. According to them, the watch "didn't fit into the brand." Most people don't really know about Eterna, especially in the US. If they do, they likely have some vague concept of the brand's merits, even though it is a great brand. They actually started ETA before selling it to the Swatch Group.

The polished and brushed steel case is 41mm wide, but wears large - which is cool. Case style is very much Carrera is shape, with those great looking lugs. The case has a great mix of rounded and angular elements to it. The crown has an embossed Tag Heuer shield logo, as well as classic looking chronograph pushers. Of course the watch is available the well-known 5-link metal bracelet, or an alligator strap.

Automatic winding:
Unidirectional automatic winding to up to 60 hours of power reserve, depicted by semicircular
radial power reserve indication,
Rotor: mounted on lubrication free ceramic ball bearings,
Shape: rotor mass made of platinum, held by three arms

There aren’t likely to be that many people who read IWC’s history book in its entirety. It isn’t that type of book. It is meant to be a large coffee table sized publication meant for perusal and short stints of reading. Each time you sit down with it, you can open up a different section, and see if there are items you want to explore further. Pages aren’t cluttered with text, and only a few sections have long portions of text without a break. The book even has two book-mark strings — assuming you might be looking at more than one section at a time.

Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA 2824-2 automatic, which should do nicely. Both watches have similar caseback engravings of the original KonTiki ship for which the watch was named. Eterna fitted the watch with a great mesh metal bracelet with a special deployment clasp for micro adjusting it. They all offer an extension segment for use when diving. Being a limited edition, the Eterna Heritage Super KonTiki 1973 watch will be limited to just 1,973 pieces (for the year it was originally introduced). It should be available this fall for about ,300. I really want one of these and am happy to see collector demand high enough for Eterna to price the Super KonTiki back.