Speedmaster Art Made Of Painted Wood

Omega Speedmaster Transitional - Balazs' Story

The first drawings look good (even if Gilt wants to remain laughably secretive with them) and the technical features, paired with the more sensible size and the seemingly familiar design elements tell us the Gilt Michael Bastian smartwatch may, after all, be an interesting and unexpected concept worthy of our attention. gilt.com

Citizen Campanola Mechanical Watches To Use Swiss La Joux-Perret Movements

Citizen Campanola Mechanical Watches To Use Swiss La Joux-Perret Movements

Watch lovers who must have an attractive movement and want something classy yet not ordinary might want to take a look at the Ovale collection. The Parmigiani Ovale Tourbillon is near the top of the collection right now, and it offers a pleasant mix of contemporary and timeless appeal in a package you don't see every day. The design needed to grow on me a bit, and it wasn't until I put the watch on my wrist did I see real value in this unique case design. The ref. PFH750-1003800 Parmigiani Ovale Tourbillon is limited to 30 pieces and is priced at 8,000. parmigiani.ch

Piaget Altiplano 900P “World’s Thinnest Mechanical Watch” Hands-On

Piaget Altiplano 900P “World’s Thinnest Mechanical Watch” Hands-On

The 18-carat pink gold case is 44 millimeters wide and 15.70 thick – it is big, but nothing outrageous when compared to the average size of other Royal Oak Offshore models. Where there is a more noticeable difference, however, is water resistance: a mere 20 meters is noted. Now, while we have said that the movement is extremely delicate and how that prevents the watch to be used in any rocky situation, a rating of 2 bars really is, nevertheless, low – but there's good reason for that. While there presently are numerous ways of waterproofing a crown and the two chronograph pushers, sealing the minute repeater's slider on the left side of the case as well as the push-piece in the center of the crown is considerably more difficult.

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A Speedmaster Professional 145.022-71 Non-NASA (and Original)

Welcome back to an aBlogtoWatch original series, where we discuss important stores that sell watches all over the world. Each store we profile has an interesting story to tell about where they operate and who they sell to. Whether you buy watches from brick and mortar retailers or prefer to buy watches online, these are the stores that help shape our watch culture around the globe. There is a long list of stores to cover, but if there is a retail location in your favorite city that we simply can’t miss, let us know in the comments below.

Where to buy watches in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

Much like the hour and minute domes, every single one of these titanium blades had to be milled from one single piece of titanium. They have not been cast or stamped, and there are no components welded onto them. Needless to say, they have to be manufactured with extremely small tolerances, otherwise they would either get stuck together, or slide on top of one another when closed. The real issue, again, is in a place where you will never see: right at the part where they are connected to an axis that allows them to slide, i.e., to close and open up.

Necessary Data
>Brand: Maurice de Mauriac
>Model: Chronograph Diver
>Price: 5,500 Swiss Francs
>Size: 45mm
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Watch lover who spends as much time focused on their shoes as they do their timepiece.
>Best characteristic of watch: Mixture of classic sports watch looks with high-fashion flair.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Less than straight-forward purchasing process, difficult to choose the right model for you.

Laco Watches – Rewriting Horological History Since 1925

Laco Watches – Rewriting Horological History Since 1925
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Speedmaster Alaska Project (The Original Alaska II and the 2008 Re-Edition)

The George Daniels 35th Anniversary Watch features the co-axial escapement, although one that Roger Smith modified, so that now the co-axial parts (where the two escape-wheels which were previously located on top of one another) are crafted from the same wheel. That is the part you see in the lower right corner on the image above: the escape-wheel features the more usual "boot-shaped" teeth while also having teeth raised to function as the secondary wheel that has previously been mounted on top, "co-axially."

The number one complaint the Swiss watch industry has had toward the most current crop of smartwatches is that they aren't attractive by European design standards - and that even applies to the Apple Watch. Jean-Claude Biver went so far as to suggest that, given his standards, the Apple Watch looks as though it was designed by a student. So if the best breed of smartwatch yet (even though it hasn't even been released at this time) doesn't pass Swiss watch industry muster, what would a smartwatch design by Switzerland's old guard look like?

Arnold & Son DTE Double Tourbillon Escapement Watch Hands-On Hands-On

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A Speedmaster Professional 145.022-71 Non-NASA (and Original)

MB&F has a rule that they can't do anything like other brands - a policy that, for the most part, they are pretty good at sticking to. With this newest and third iteration of the Horological Machine No. 5 (HM5), they created a black-cased watch, not with a black coating over metal, but with a novel material they like to call "CarbonMacrolon." Thus, we have a dark version of the 1970s sports car inspired "driver's watch," paired with cool purple accents.

That’s my favorite of the bunch; I also like the all-gold tone model, including bracelet, with the root-beer brown dial of a hue I recall being most trendy on “me decade” Mercedes-Benzes. (Indeed, '70s-style brown hues are back with a vengeance in the Seiko Recraft line!) Another of the "Mechanicals" - the SNKM99 - has been coated with a very 2014 blacked-out ion finish, contrasted by coppery  hour markers and a fun sunburst dial. It’s great, but personally I found myself lusting more after the less obviously "au courant" options.

Seiko Recraft Mechanical 1970s Style Watches Watch Releases
Seiko Recraft Mechanical SNKM99

If, like me, you are limited to desk diving, this is still a solid daily watch. In the end, a dive watch is a tool watch, and these sorts of watches are built (or at least, should be designed) to stand up to the rigors and abuses of regular life, whether or not they are being put to their intended use. And if you know you will not take the watch any deeper than your local pool, then the date display variant may give you more flexibility.

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Photo Report Of An Omega Speedmaster GTG in Holland

AA: Are newer Patek Philippe timepieces as successful and popular as the rare vintage models famous for their ultra-high values?

Fortunately, unlike most other smart watches in the market right now, the SpeedUp SmartWatch does have a couple of useful standalone functions. It has an integrated pedometer, so it can keep track of the number of steps you have taken, distance covered, and calories burned. Furthermore, it can analyze the quality of your sleep too and show users how long they have slept and how much of it was “deep sleep”, for instance.

While most press attention at SIHH is grabbed by the flashiest, largest, and most complicated pieces, some of the more simple pieces are going entirely unnoticed. And that’s a shame. In a market full of massive grand complications, minute repeaters, tourbillons, equation-of-times, and the like, it is refreshing to see the exact opposite being given the same level of attention by some manufactures. Several brands have unveiled new svelte, ultra-thin, simply designed pieces for 2015 (Piaget and Jaeger-LeCoultre have done a particularly good job in this arena), but in my opinion, the most exceptional of the lot is a masterful new Heritage Chronométrie collection by Montblanc.

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Omega Speedmaster 105.003 Back From The Watch Spa

Unless there is some hidden, 007-reminiscent gadget hiding under the dial, the BE-54AE movement – based on the ETA 7754 caliber – will offer the time, a 12 hour chronograph, the date, as well as a world time function, thanks to the added, centrally mounted second time-zone hand and the list of timezones on the rotating flange ring on the periphery of the dial.

Geak II Watch Stretches The Limits Of Smartwatch Battery Life Watch Releases

Sure, the plain dial helps highlight the fusée mechanism and allow it to visually dominate the design of the watch – and for some, that contrast may actually be a welcome feat. A design choice I find more difficult to wrap my head around, however, is in the inconsistency of the styles of the hands. The key issue is that the hands for the hours and minutes and those fitted on the sub-dials seem to originate from two separate watches – it is a bit of a clash of modern and traditional styling. The blue is a good choice, but the large hands appear to be very flat and, more important, sit very awkwardly next to one of the most exquisitely crafted complications in high-end watchmaking.

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One Of The Last Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.012 Watches

Patek Philippe 5270 Perpetual Calendar Chronograph Watches Hands-On Hands-On

Rolex, of course, isn't the type of company to put anything extra on their timepieces, so it is not really practical to expect them to put some sort of a unique design element on the watch to commemorate the event, but I figured it was worth mentioning. In a sense, collectors can think of the Rolex Deepsea D-Blue dial watch as a consolation to the fact that Rolex will not actually be producing for retail sale the massive Deepsea Challenge concept watch designed for the underwater mission that was water resistant to 12,000 meters. That is over three times the 3,900 meters of water resistance of the Deepsea, but it is designed like a super-sized version of the standard Deepsea. Rolex had just a few weeks to create the Deepsea Challenge concept watch and they only made about 5 or 6 of them.

Uniform Wares 351 Series 351/RG-01 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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Invicta Game Changers…

Source: aBlogtoWatch

Remember Movado? Yeah, they are still around. The American-based watch company is still holding its own out there as a decidedly more quiet company with mostly a focus on points of watch sales rather than media and publicity. A few years ago, Movado created the SE Extreme collection which from the very outset was clearly an homage to the Hublot Big Bang. For 2014, Movado adds two new SE Extreme watches as the Movado SE Extreme Automatic Chronograph as well and the Movado SE Extreme Automatic Diver. And for what they are, they aren't too bad.

Romain Jerome Space Invaders Ultimate Edition Watch For Sale Online Only Watch Releases

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Speedmaster Artwork by Cay Broendum

Jorg Hysek: I see sustainable value as corresponding to about 5 to 10 years, as confirmed by the design of cars and of luxury watchmaking as a whole. Beyond this time frame, aesthetic sensibilities are inevitably altered by the new design codes of the moment, and with a few rare exceptions, the product becomes outdated, even though the differences are very subtle. By way of example, compare a Porsche or Rolex made 10 years ago with today’s models.

ABTW: Do you serve mostly locals or tourists, or is it a good mix? Also, what percentage of your customers would you call "knowledgeable watch collectors?"

Jean-Claude Biver - the person who heads the watch division at LVMH - joked that you could probably rename the Zenith brand to "El Primero" given how important the in-house produced El Primero movements are to the brand's overall persona and marketing strategy. While there have been a few 2014 models released with Swiss Sellita movements rather than in-house made El Primero or Elite movements, what I hear is that such practices will stop. Being a producer of their own movement is really important to Zenith, and they will maximize that element of their brand as much as possible.

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An Overview of all Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI Models

aBlogToWatch: You’ve since acquired other IWC timepieces. Is there a particular focus to your collection?

To Enter You Must:

The Ancon X-35 Concept is 45 mm wide and 16 mm thick and, with a lug to lug of 56 mm, it's going to feel large on almost any wrist. With a black PVD treatment covering its steel case, the Ancon X-35 Concept weighs 156g fitted to a black rubber strap. The weight is considerable but not uncomfortable, thanks to the soft and pliable nature of the included 24 mm-wide strap.

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