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The face is not as "exciting" as the case, but it does not disappoint me. I appreciate how legible it is, and the there is a rich amount of lume covering the surfaces. Further, the number indexes are nice to look at in an almost whimsical manner. The watch is available in various colors and strap options, each with the same nautical theme. Not really sure the movement used. In this version, I suspect it is an ETA 2824-2 or 2892-2 automatic mechanical movement. These are great collector watches from a well-versed independent watch maker. Right now, a black faced JP Lepine Belharra watch is available on eBay for about ,200, which is a good price given the original retail value and the fact that these watches are very hard to come by.

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Going To Be In The Netherlands In Early December? Attend Watch2008: The Independent & Innovative Watch Maker Show

Going To Be In The Netherlands In Early December? Attend Watch2008: The Independent & Innovative Watch Maker Show

If that wasn't enough, the Corpus Clock has another morbid trait. In defiance of the hourly bell chimes, that landmark clocks are often known for, the Corpus Clock emits the sound of a chain falling on a coffin, each hour. An interesting message to view and hear before entering the new library that the clock guards.

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Tiffany & Co. Mark T-57 Automatic Watch Review: Sport And Formality Mix With Satisfying Results Wrist Time Reviews Then you'll find a flat gray ring with the Roman numerals attached to it. There is also a date window (with nicely beveled edges) neatly included on this surface. Move in more and you'll see a lighter gray surface with a circular texturing that has the necessary text. "Tiffany & Co," and on mine "Certified Chronometer" above "Automatic." That lets you know that this watch has been sent to the Chronometer certification organization in Switzerland (as stated before, the watch also comes with the certificate), and that this version of the watch is not the lesser quartz model. I like everything about the dial and face. I've considered whether or not the darker gray area (where the Roman numeral are located) needed to be spruced up a bit, but then decided that the face would have looked to busy if that were the case.

Because this style of decoration is so "classic" in the watch world, I think every one should have at least one example of it. Such beauty is really hard to appreciate unless you are looking right at it, as it is a very visual type of splendor. Limes is unusual in the small watch making world for making their own cases, and some dials. That is one of the ways that they can keep costs down. Owned by Ickler, Limes is a thoroughly German brand with a well-priced and attractive line.

Tudor style

The entire  model can open but by a little click-lock so that you can fit your wrist in it. This is really cool, but it doesn't fit all that well unless you have that perfect combo of stocky, yet long arms. I'd suggest stuffing it with some soft material, maybe foam if you really want to use this as an everyday being. The three little buttons underneath the clock are used to adjust the time, and light up red when pressed. A nice touch. On the upper left hand corner the Pipboy 3000 has a player radiation meter. On the model, the radiation meter has been replaced by a working compass. I guess it wasn't that simple to insert a Geiger counter.

I really like how German Marcello C. is able to modify the automatic Valjoux 7750 movement to give it a tri-compax layout. This is more attractive that the 7750's standard layout. The dial hands and main hands are strong looking and legible. Legible faceted hour markers look great, while the subdial design hearkens the Daytona perfectly.

Rare German Temption CGK203 Valjoux 7751 Based Watch Available Sales & Auctions

Rolex Datejust

Three Luxury Women's Watches With Real Movement; From Van Cleef & Arpels, and Chopard, Perrelet Watch Style

Explaining The Good Value, Bad Idea, And Seal Of Approval Award System Evolving ABTW With all this praise must be an indication of dismay. The Bad Idea Award is my Orwellian manner of disapproval. Something is very wrong with the item or event that receives this award. While the item might not be wholly bad, there is at least one significant flaw or problem with it. Usually this flaw is so bad, that I would caution against purchase. It is OK if you get it for free. The bad idea element might manifest itself in various forms. It might be a quality or aesthetic element. It might be a functionality problem, or an exaggeration in asking price so extreme it should be protested. Bad Idea Award articles are usually imbued with a degree of humor (unless it was myself who had to experience the 'pain' first hand). This is so to help you smirk at the follies of others. When you see a Bad Idea Award it is usually worth your time to read about my thoughts as you will be enlightened and entertained, as well as warned to stay clear of something worth avoiding.

Me And My Fallout 3 Pipboy 3000 Replica (Whole) Wrist Watch Luxury Items

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Thomas Prescher Trilogy Tourbillon watch series details:

Most of the time, the person designing the modified watch, and the person doing the work are different. Various watch modifiers exist and each have different specialties and prices. The best combination is having an imaginative mind with knowledge of the available parts, combined with a good watch modder who can do the work.

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I Senz Drier Rainy Days Ahead With This Umbrella

I Senz Drier Rainy Days Ahead With This Umbrella

Longiness LA Grande Classique watches

Ernst Benz Shows China Love With The Beijing 2008 Limited Edition Chronoscope Watch Watch Releases

So what is it that makes looking at these Chinese themed Ernst Benz Chronoscope watches so pleasant? Well for one we all seem to love red and black. Be it red with black trim, or black with red trim, it always looks cool. You could take a 30 dollar Casio and make it black with red trim; instantly cool. Then, you have something us Westerners are not used to; Chinese numerals. No, I can't read them, but based on their location, I can guess they number 1 through 12. Actually, the "8" is distinct as it indicated "08" for the year of the Olympics. And, as many of you know, 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture.

Pro Restored Seiko Bell-Matic 4006-6021 Watch For Sale Sales & Auctions There are few things as sweet as getting a newly restored vintage watch. You get the pleasure of nostalgia, along with that special sense of personal touch from a master restorer's handiwork. It is a good thing as Martha Stewart would say. Bob Thayer is in the business of repairing, restoring, and modifying all types of watches, with a bit of a specialty on Seiko watches. He has something special for sale which I thought would interest you. This watch is one of the Seiko Bell-Matics. A mechanical alarm watch that was extremely popular "back in the day." They are no longer made, and while these watches can be found, so few are in good condition. In Bob's capable hands, you get a stunning vintage watch ready for daily duty - with a loud alarm. The watch is available restored, for 5. Here is a intro into the watch by Bob:

Rado Thinline

The Marc Ecko Master of Possibilities watches begins with what is essentially a good idea; the ability for the user to change the look of the watch. And 12 options is a nice touch, all in a gaudy box. But merely having a lot of options alone is not enough. Those options needs to have at least a few good choices. These options defy class and refinement. The metal work is equally cheap. Notice the inexpensive chroming on the watch and the bezels. You see, real chroming is a special chemical polish that gives metal a high gloss. It is a time consuming and rewarding ordeal. Cheap chroming takes cheap steel, and coats in in further cheap materials. The result is a "chrome-looking" appearance that is satisfactory to a 4 year old, or a bird that is attracted to shiny objects. The crafting on the Master of Possibilities watches is pretty lame, even for fashion watch standards. But lets say I am wrong, and the polish is world class, you then just have the world class ugly designs to deal with.

I finally decided that I wanted to write about a calendar watch for New Year's day, but I didn't know what watch to talk about. Calendar watches come in thousands of forms, and have been around practically since the time clocks have been around. There are a few highly complex calendar watches that actually do indicate the year, but none of those suited my tastes at this time. I finally decided on writing about one of the most elegant, "love it or hate it" calendar watches out there made by the boutique watch brand De Bethune. I really like the brand even though they put as much effort as is possible to keep their watches priced well outside the watch, or car buying budgets of the majority of people.

'Real Avant Garde' German Temption CGK204 Watch Available Sales & Auctions One of the best parts of many Temption watches are the color variations offered. As you can see, the red theme is prevalent in this particular Temption CGK204. The same watch is offered in black, yellow, and I believe blue. Further, it is offered with white or black faces. The watch itself is about 43mm wide not including the crown. Temption makes extremely high quality steel cases with jeweled cabochons (in the crown and pushers) matched to the color trim, on the case. This is a really cool cosmetic features that Temption applies to most of their watches.

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See Marcello C. watches on Amazon here.Mint Marcello C. Nettuno 3 Watch In Black Available Now Sales & Auctions

Mint Marcello C. Nettuno 3 Watch In Black Available Now Sales & Auctions
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This special ring rotor, in addition to looking great, provides the best of both worlds, allowing for a great unobstructed view of the movement, along with having the immense convenience of an automatic winding movement. Nice work Carl. F. Bucherer. Oh, and by the way, remember how I said that worked with Techniques Horlogères Appliquées to development the movement? Apparently Carl F. Bucherer was so impressed with them, they just bought up the 17 person company. Look for the CFB A1000 automatic movement to appear in Carl F. Bucherer watches soon.

Patek Philippe

You could argue that the level of detail in the IWC decoration is above that of the Patek Philippe. You'd be correct, but they repersent different styles. The 150 IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Mystère Squelette watches (50 in Platinum, 50 in rose gold, 50 in white gold) will (or were) be given to Jochen Benzinger whose shop hand machines each watch meticulously with special "engine tuners." While the 44mm Portuguese case remains clean and solid, Benzinger goes to work on every square millimeter of the movement with an impressive level of detail and attention. The decorations seems to frame the flying tourbillon, and the small subdials for the date and seconds. Turn the watch over, and you'll notice a typical Benzinger style decorated rotor with the IWC logo painstakenly applied to the a gold section on the rotor.

A. Lange & Sohne has a boutique store in Dresden, located in the heart of the old sector. While you'd never know it as a new visitor to Dresden, the majority of the historical buildings are only now viewable again. 1945 was a bad year for Dresden during the war, with much of it being bombed or burned. Almost immediately after the war, and during communist rule, the rebuilding slowly took effect. It was not until after German reunification that the restoration process in Dresden got much more serious. A. Lange & Sohne is a name you can find all over Dresden, especially in the Green Vault museum located near the boutique in what used to be the royal home. What you will find in Dresden is a dynamic mix of medieval architecture and personality that combines Gothic buildings with the more festive style of the 18th century.

The newest Elemental is the "Hard Black" and shares most of its features with the previous Linde Werdelin Elemental watches save for the new case material. Getting on the DLC bandwagon (that I predicted would occur) with other fine watch brands, Linde Werdelin likes what DLC can offer. Again, DLC stands for "diamond like carbon" and is a coating on metal that makes it crazy hard, and crazy scratch resistant. This might explain why this new watch is called "Hard Black." The nature of DLC makes for a glossy black/dark gray colored case which is increasingly refined in its look. The earliest DLC watches found a home on Japanese watches such as Casio (the MR-G). These were excellent G-Shock type watches, but sometimes the DLC coating was a bit too glossy for my tastes. The newer iterations of DLC are getting better and better.

IWC De Vinci

The Aviator Watch Stripped: Archimede Pilot H Is A Likeable Bare Bones Genre Exemplar Watch Releases The Aviator Watch Stripped: Archimede Pilot H Is A Likeable Bare Bones Genre Exemplar Watch Releases From the single button on each side of the strap, to the sand blasted case, the Archimede Pilot H watch is certainly nice. The crown is easy to operate, and the sapphire crystal on the front and back add to the longevity of the watch. Size is 42mm wide. Price is right as well at about 0-0. One is available on eBay at the time of this writing.

I Admit It, I Have A Weakness For Fashion Brands, And The Release Of The 2008 Hermes Clipper H1 Diver Watch Does Not Help Watch Releases

The Temption Cameo and Fortis Square are both (approximately) 39mm wide and high - steel - square-cased watches with round dials. Each primarily arrives with dark brown leather straps, and have dark against white colored faces. Each has a shaped rear on the watch case to better fit to your wrist. Each contains a Swiss ETA automatic mechanical movement with a sapphire crystal caseback window (an ETA 2892-2 in the Cameo, and an ETA 2836-2 in the Square, though a chronograph or GMT version of the Square is also available with other movements). Both have a retail price between ,500- ,000. Both are functionality focused with a stylistic edge. In my book that makes these two watches competitors.