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I could really use a little 'Journe' in my life, but the privilege don't come cheap.There is no per se "entry-level" F.P. Journe watch - that isn't exactly what the brand is about. You are supposed to earn up to a F.P. Journe - after you've toiled away earned and learning. Francois Paul doesn't want his watches on your wrist until you can fully appreciate them, and that takes some time being a watch nerd. However, if you are looking for a relatively reasonable way to get in the highly desirable brand, this Chronometre Souverain is a good "budget bet" compared to their 0,000 plus steel minute repeater watch. For about ,000 - ,000, you can get a gold or platinum watch with a beautiful refined design, wearer-focused feature set, and a stunning in-house made movement.

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Swiss watch maker Hublot recently started a blog called Hublot Nation - allowing it to connect more directly with its customers, fans, and the general public. The "Hublog" as I call it will be a place to share information, events, and experiences direct from the source. Hublot always has a lot going on and I hope that the new venue will allow it to offer some juicy tidbits straight from the top to you. It is challenge to consistently offer good content. Blogging isn't easy, and aside from continually offering new content, the entire Hublot team needs to be part of the process, contributing useful, quality information all the time. So check out the Hublot Nation blog at www.hublotnation.com - I hope we get a weekly update from Mr. Biver himself.

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 64

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 64

The dial has nicely sized hands that aren't too short. Short hands on this watch would kill it for me - but Hublot doesn't fail at all in this department. While the movement is the dial, Hublot is still able to apply sizable hour markers to ensure legibility is high. This is done with a sapphire plate over the movement I believe. An interesting design touch is that the Hublot uses a thin black outline for its logo to ensure it sticks out. I quite like that.

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Bell & Ross currently offers this and the rest of its timepieces available online via the Bell & Ross e-Boutique. Price for the Vintage Original BR 126 is ,600.

Rado HyperChrome Automatic Watches

Rado HyperChrome Automatic Watches

Listen to the HourTime Show watch podcast Max Büsser interview here.

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Functionally the Striking 10th is a foudroyante - but few people know that term. Basically it has a "flying" central hand which goes around the dial each second. It is used to measure time, in increments of 1/10th of a second. Unlike a standard chronograph you can measure time increments more precisely like this. "Striking" usually refers to what a sonnerie or minute repeater watch does. This El Primero doesn't chime, so I don't get that. Maybe they mean it in a more poetic fashion. Striking 10th does sound cool, better than the stuffy sounding "foudroyante."

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Lume on the dial is really great. Tissot applied luminant to the dial and bezel, as well as the hands of course. The SuperLumiNova is applied generously which is certainly a benefit to visibility. There is also the nice bright red backlight for the LCD screen that you can use. The hands seem to be the right length, which is really important in a watch that does so much more than tell the time with the hands.

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Center stage on the watch dial is the movement. The time indicator part of the watch is all on the side. Claret always does an amazing job of showing off his manufacture's handiwork. Each of the movements are hand-assembled and decorated. The new movement is the caliber FLY11. It uses a sophisticated titanium curved base plate and contains a flying tourbillon. The tourbillon is further angled at 30 degree and is mounted on double ceramic bearings. You can see it generously displayed through a sapphire crystal window on the lower part of the watch. The movement contains 419 parts and has a power reserve of about 50 hours. There are two mainspring barrels for the movement - one for the escapement and one for the gear train. The more I look at this watch, the more it looks like a totally crazy carnival game that I don't understand.

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Ebel, I am sorry you had to be connected to this little rant of mine. Your Classic 100 does help remind people that your brand is 100 years old. I think your original logo is very cool by the way. As a limited edition of 1911 pieces (the year the brand started)< the Classic 100 will contain a Swiss ETA 2892 automatic movement. The dial is silver-toned with some applied hour markers and very legible. Again, it is all about those nice hands. Oh, and unless you really want the stingray strap, the final version will come on a black alligator strap.

Listen to Episode 94 on the HourTimeShow.com website here.

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The auctions started last night and I believe go for 24 hours each. All 1,500 pairs are available in eBay's Fashion Vault. Sizes for the shoes are 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13. As cultural icons these shoes are great. If I had a pair it would be really hard to wear them. I have a feeling that most of them are going to go for very handsome prices. Check out the Nike MAG shoe auctions here.Nike MAG Shoes From Back To The Future Actually For Sale Sales & Auctions

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The two new watches are the BR02-92 Carbon Fiber and BR02-92 Phantom. I'm pretty sure you can tell which is which. The hands and hour indicators are very modern compared to the rest of the collection while still very legible. I think these are some really neat looking watches. The Phantom dial is especially interesting given the use of a clos du Paris style pattern on the face. These are like little repeating pyramids and not something I have seen before on any black and black watches.

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We go over some of what I saw at the 2011 week in Geneva, and then dutifully disagree on those watches that we like.

Watch movements are not only expensive to dream up, but it is also expensive to get movements to work and be durable. This requires even more testing. Millions can go into the development of a new "calibre." And that is just the movement. Designing a watch case and bracelet might be easier because it is not a machine, but it is tough - especially when you are working with tolerances that are often non existent. Nice watches use good materials, bottom line. The best materials require enormous amounts of hand attention or labor. While machines are often employed to make tiny parts, high-end watches employ teams of people to go over each part and delicately finish them and often decorate them.