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Introducing A New Swiss-Made Automatic Diver’s Watch For Men That Is Big On Performance And Not On Your Wallet

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Blu Galaxy Watch: Pretty Little Cosmos

Blu Galaxy Watch: Pretty Little Cosmos

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Omega Speedmaster Professional 105.012-66CB

The part of the watch that you will spend the most time with is the dial of course. At first the Temption dial is attractive, but simple looking. Just recall the “beauty and simplicity” aspect of the Temption design philosophy and you get the point. The most important aspect of any dial design for Temption legibility. In this the Cameo succeeds. Although the case is square, the dial is round with perfectly sized hands and hour and minute markers. The contrast between the white and deep brown adds to both the beauty and clarity of the dial design. You’ll notice that the lume covered hands feature hands in a style that is common in other Temption watches — part an important branding exercise. Just as car companies try to maintain similar grills on cars, some watch companies do the same with watch hands. Unique to Temption is the “label hiding” that they do on each of their watch faces. The Temption logo and Cameo name are set on the dial in a slightly darker brown, only visible in the right angles or in the right light. I’ve always liked this about Temption because it results in the most unpretentious of looks. Around the raised circular dial are visual extensions of each hour marker, in a sunburst style.

But I must admit that Eterna has done just that with its latest Contessa models.

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Here is a cool watch that is up for auction, and totally unique. This watch was hand-built as a concept, but it is a perfectly beautiful watch and is available to one person. The watch is a LUM-TEC Chronograph with a California dial (half Roman numerals and half Arabic numerals). The watch has the 60 minute chronograph complication as well as synchronized 24 hour dial. The lovely blue dial is enhanced by lots of MVD lume - another unique to LUM-TEC component. Here are some words about the watch directly from LUM-TEC founder and owner:

Temption Cameo Watch Review: Boutique Eccrentric Good Taste  Wrist Time Reviews

Audemars Piguet 2009 Corporate Watch Making Film

Audemars Piguet 2009 Corporate Watch Making Film

OMEGA Speedmaster Pro 145.012-67

Doesn't Pita Barcelona sound like a hip new Middle Eastern and Spanish fusion cuisine restaurant? Sounds yummy. Actually it isn't even edible (darn, but good restaurant idea), but it is rather a spectacular watch brand. Today you'll hear about my favorite watch in their line, the Oceana Diver. This watch just has so much character I am overwhelmed with desire for it. Really.. let me tell you why you should like it too. Oh, and I don't think it has been officially released yet - they have been working on it for a while, getting it just right. The good news is that the watch is supposed to eventually be available in a host of materials and a few colors (highly customizable). Thus, someone could be having this watch in steel, another in a various shade of gold, and still another person might have a platinum Oceana. The watch will also be available in titanium. Interestingly enough the dial, hands, and strap are all customizable as well. There isn't a list of all the available options yet, but it should make for some interesting combinations. The images already looks very tool like, yet have a great avant garde modern design to them. Nearer to launch, you'll be able to customize a Pita Oceana watch on their website directly.

But, there is something very appealing about Danica Patrick, the first woman to win a race in Indy Car history. She set her sights on a male dominated field, in every aspect, and has now dominated it. Check her wins, check her medals, and she's still way hott.

Blancpain 500 Fathoms Titanium Watch Watch Releases

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Hands-On With The Perrelet Turbine Double Rotor Watch Collection Hands-On

The Chapter One/Two watch cases are still some of the only tonneau shaped cases that I could see myself wearing. Typically I don’t like the barrel shape, but it is done so nicely here, I can’t help but want to wear one. It is important that the roller indicators on the top and bottom help serve to break up the long shape. So even though the watch is in a tonneau-shaped case, the face is basically a square, and the watch face is round. This mixture of shapes helps create a piece that does in fact look more like a work of functional art on your wrist rather than just a nice watch. Along those lines, you can see in the video that this watch is in fact the design result of collaborating watch making masters. If they don't know what they are doing when it comes to watch making - no one does.

Time Tutelary One Watch Winder Review: Affordably Gets Job Done Without Fuss Luxury Items

Omega Speedmaster '57 Review For Speedy Tuesday

Receiving on your Kindle is not free, but it is very cheap. Getting sent automatically each day to your Kindle with each new post costs .99 a month. Overall really cheap I think. What Amazon does is transform the website into an e-ink version that looks pretty cool, and it will automatically get each new post directly to your device. The Kindle is about to get it's third device, the Kindle DX. This version is similar to the Kindle 2, but has a larger 9.7 inch screen, as opposed to the 6 inch screen. If you've never played with a Kindle, they are pretty cool, and addictive. A real good tech toy, even for those people who aren't into tech stuff.

I was always a bit luke warm about the Tag Heuer Aquaracer watch line. The watches were always nice, but not quite nice enough to excite me. Without a big announcement these new Aquaracer Calibre 5 watches started to appear in stores. Not sure if they are in US stores though. Sources indicate some availability in Europe and Asia. So what about the look of the new line? Tag Heuer has taken the term "Professional" off this line, but they look more professional than the last line. For the first time that I know of, a helium escape valve has been added to the design making them appear much more Omega Seamaster-ish.

If I wasn't a prior fan of the Watchmen graphic novel, I might have thought that this was the perfect "watch" superhero movie. Come on "watch men." It would have been too good to be true with heroes like "The Human Main Spring," "Clockimedes," and the "Chronographer."  Villains might be the "Tickler," "Quartz Madness," and the "Asian Counterfeiter" (I did just humor myself there).  They call Watchmen the most "celebrated graphic novel" of all time. That may be true in some circles, but I prefer to think of Watchmen as graphic novel that celebrates the comic genre. Writer Alan Moore and artist David Gibbons said it was "unfilmable -" but it wasn't, and they did, and they did it well. If you haven't seen Watchmen

Invicta Weekender: Blow Out Sales You Can’t Afford To Miss!

Overall the new look is pretty nice. The strapping new strap (had to say that) is a nice addition to the line, but I wonder if the new look of the BR Heritage is enough to attract existing Bell & Ross watch collectors. The watch maker is actually at a bit of predicament right now. They have a winning formula with the BR-01 series of watches. The line will eventually get a bit stale and need sprucing up, but do you really want to mess too much with a winning formula? The challenge is keeping fans excited while preserving the core elements they value in the watches. Bell & Ross is probably doing the best they can right now, and we will see what they come up with in the future.

See Alfex watches on eBay here.

World of Watches’ Best-Seller Spotlight: Swiss Legend

Part of the reason I love Omega is that my father gave me his 1950's Omega Tank watch, so I've always felt a fondness for the brand. It represents so much more than just a brand, as my father loved this watch and passed it on to me.

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Unique Prototype LUM-TEC California Dial Chronograph Watch For Auction – Bid Now

Unique Prototype LUM-TEC California Dial Chronograph Watch For Auction – Bid Now

I don't know when Pontiac watches died, but they did. They were not an American brand, but as brands come and go, Pontiac went the way of the Dodo a long time ago. GM recently announced that Pontiac will shut down. The over 80 year old division of General Motors has had better times of course, but are we really losing much with the elimination of this automobile brand? The last important Pontiac car was probably the late 1960's GTO line, but that was just because it looked cool - since then it has been dog after derivative dog. The only good recent Pontiac cars were just re-branded Australian Holden cars. While still technically GM cars, Holden had no connection to the chronically dysfunctional American design and engineering side of things.

RIP Eugene Cernan - We look back at 'his' Apollo 17 watch from 2012

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Beautiful Israeli Itay Noy Duality Watch Collection

Beautiful Israeli Itay Noy Duality Watch Collection

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak OffShore Wempe Scuba Watch Available On Sales & Auctions

Ralf Tech WRX Perlage Dial Diving Watch Wrist Time Reviews

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My Ralph Lauren Sporting Collection Watch Article On Announcements

There is a reason I am going back and forth between the term bracelet and strap for this watch model to discuss the mesh steel. It is honestly a hybrid of both. Like a strap, it disconnects all the way without a deployment, but has something more interesting than a mere buckle. The unique patented attachment system on the strap works really well. The first step is sizing it. You place the watch on as you'd like it to fit, and the move the adjustable clasp over notches built into the mesh to a suitable location. This requires using a rigid tool (to release the lock on the clasp). Now that you have a suitable size for your wrist, each time you put the watch on, it fits the same, with the excess strap easily fitting around your wrist. Putting the watch on is simple to do, even with one hand. There is a little hook on one side of the strap that sits over a bar on the other side. Once you connect this (really easy), you push down one locking clasp to make it secure, and then another locking clasp (similar to clasps on diving watches) to make it doubly secure. For this reason, this watch features what I would consider to be a 'double locking clasp strap.' When closed, it looks clean and feels secure on your wrist with the Skagen signature staring back at you.

"Watchmen" Movie Nods To Mechanical Watches Feature Articles