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This is a good show in term of content, but the recording was done while I lost my voice, and while John was in China (he couldn't even test to see if we posted it online properly because the Internet is so heavily censored in China!). So pardon our oddities or faintness in sound. Just turn that volume way up! Enjoy folks.

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The two timezones are convenient. You will use this function often if, for instance, you have family in a different timezone or if you are a frequent flier. The 24 hour dial would also be convenient in outer space where sunshine does not determine whether it is day or night and the strong photo-luminescence of the hands and markers gives a clear view of both times in all light conditions. Keep this in mind for your next intergalactic sojourn. More important is that the distinct GMT function gives the BR-01 93 an attractive style that conforms to Bell & Ross' credo to never compromise function for the sake of design.

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Actually all this pomp and circumstance a round the selling and unveiling of watches is a good thing. Horus founder Andre Grossman obviously knows how to put on an impressive show, and if you look at the Horus website, you can tell that he goes after where the money is. See link to the site below. Probably exactly what I would do. Also check out the cool watch box that the Horus Ultramarinum comes in. There is obviously some eletcro machinery at work there. It looks like the top opens and closes by itself. Maybe it is like those fancy trashcans you can get at Bed Bath & Beyond that open with a mere waive of your wrist. Do you think Horus likes being compared to things you can get at Bed Bath & Beyond? I doubt it. Do they have those in Monaco? Would it have marble floors? At the very least we know that you can move the lever on the front of the watch case at it will open. Not just that, but the watch actually lifts out of the box on a pedestal for you to pick up. Get it? Fancy....

All of the important parts of this watch in are carbon fiber, and I've never seen a watch so decked out in the material before. I wonder how light it is? Bell & Ross suggest that it is very light. Probably lighter that titanium watches, with the sapphire crystal, movement, and caseback being the heaviest parts. The case and dial are made from several layers of carbon fiber. You know I am not the biggest fan of all carbon fiber watches, but if you are going to go carbon fiber - go all the way! Just like Bell & Ross did. The straps are also in carbon fiber, still padded though, and in that specially tapered shape that we know and love from the BR01 watch collection. Case size is still 46mm wide, and pretty much the rest of the case is the same design as the Pro models (see the hexagon inside the square case, and the shape of the screw frames).

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One place that you don’t want to skimp on is your desk chair, especially when your job requires lots of sitting. One such job is watch maker. Many watch makers sit of uncomfortable benches. Why? Well, because they don’t think too much about it. For generations watch maker desks have more or less stayed the same, but the advent of the ergonomic desk chair is relatively new in comparison. So you have a degree of “that is how it is done” mentality. It doesn’t need to be that way, and it is not always that way. At Seiko’s high end watch movement manufacture location in Japan, the watch makers are blessed with comfortable Herman Miller ergonomic chairs. This was a deliberate decision at the company, because it was clear that workers need to be happy and healthy. Seiko admitted that while outfitting the work benches with the chairs was more expensive, it proved to be worth it. I didn’t see anyone complain. Plus, with watch makers needing not only to sit for long hours, but to be still when they are, the best chairs are almost a necessity.

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Don't be concerned if the Dive-Tec/500 still feels really different - because it sure is. Even though you recognize it as a dive watch, it is an artsy piece. I can easily admit that. Some of it is almost like a cartoon. With the large strong looking hands, almost loony hexagonal crown, and wild appearance it is not a subdued watch. It shouldn't, and is a inspiration creation from a watch company that I am proud to say takes risks. You might not want to wear your Angular Momentum Dive-Tec/500 watch everyday, but the urge to wear it will arise more than I think you can suspect. The Dive-Tec/500 watch is mostly all made at Angular Momentum's atelier in Switzerland. Plus, given the "raw" nature of some of the watch, each piece is going to be just a little bit different. Something to look forward to. While not a limited edition per se, the watch will see strictly limited production. It is available with a calf leather strap (as seen) or a silicon strap for real diving duty. Price will be around ,500 soon. For more information, contact Angular Momentum here.

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Angular Momentum Dive-Tec/500 Watch Watch Releases
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See the Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 series watches from Casio here.

Cartier Oops With New Les Must Collection Ad?

Cartier Oops With New Les Must Collection Ad?

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The dial of the watch is the part that will attract women the most. It is mother of pearl, with various heart shapes on the dial that are lightly applied. You then have fun looking Arabic numerals in a rose gold tone that have been applied, as well as the open heart window into the movement. The chapter ring assists with legibility and the hands are nicely shaped and luminant covered. I would have like the chapter ring to not overlap on the numerals as it does a bit, but this is part of the design. Plus, I would have liked the open heart window on the dial to be a total heart shape - as right now it is an upside down tear drop shape while the rest of the hear is in rose gold tone. For women who don't know a lot about mechanical watches the allure of the automatic movement peeking through the windows is a great touch adding a lot of emotional value to the timepiece. It is certainly more interesting than a standard quartz movement. Currently, all Orient automatic watch movements are automatic rotor winding only - not hand wound. Just something to know. Also, water resistance is 50 meters, so you things like washing hands, etc... won't hurt the watch. Not really for any water sports though.

Episode three of the quickly evolving podcast how HourTime (starring myself and John Biggs) is now online.

This is a watch that I could really see myself wanting - even though it has a carbon fiber dial that I tend to not always enjoy (though I did like it on my Tissot T-Touch Expert). Yes, this has been a month of many Omega watches, but they have had some interesting releases so they merit the attention. This is probably my favorite. I've often looked at the classic Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch and thought, "yes it is cool, but I'd really like a modern version." Yes, it is true that my sentiment defeats the point of the "Moon Watch heritage," but I didn't really want to have a manually wound watch with a Hesalite (plastic) crystal to deal with. My collection might very well include a Moon Watch in the future, but it would be for historic kicks, not cause I'd want to wear it each day. Omega has released a ton of Speedmaster watches over the years with sapphire crystals and automatic movements, but this new Solar Impulse watch just really catches my eye.

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The watch case itself is in platinum and 40mm wide. There are all the iconic F.P. Journe design elements to the Tourbillon Souverain that I expect from the brand. This includes the style of the dials and the hands, not to mention the colors, and of course the flat little crown that actually works quite nicely. The two symmetrical windows on the dial work well off of each other. Even though there is so much going on in the watch. At 40mm wide, it is relatively medium sized by today's standards, making the entire piece classic looking, and harder to make in the smaller size.

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Thomas Prescher Tempusvivendi Qatar Watch

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No sports watch would be complete without a comfortable and totally durable rubber watch strap. Being that this is from Swarovski, of course, there are six crystals accenting the watch strap, to complete the overall aesthetic of fun (there is a full bracelet available as well). My one concern about those crystals, though, is how comfortable/durable they would be while wearing this... If it's a sport watch, it must be able to hold up in more extreme conditions. I would have to test this out to know for sure - but I doubt I would keep this on while, say, working out or hiking.

This is the "Roiro" watch from the Urushi collection. That means "wax color" and according to Angular Momentum, this color is used to represent the highest quality black colored ("makuro) polished lacquer. Nice colored, uber minimalistic dial.

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Remember the World Time watch I discussed above? This is one of the World Time Sport models in TX's 550 Series of watches. This watch is model number T3C414. The watch shares the same functions as the World Time watch, but also has a rotating diver style bezel - here in a rose gold tone. The case is steel and also 45mm wide. I like the texturing on the dial and the applied pieces that really give it a nice complex look. This is worlds above a simple "painted dial." I rarely like dials that have no depth to them. The watch is very sporty and fun to look at and wear. The build quality is good too, which is something I can say across the board for all TX watches. They did a good job on the quality side. The strap is leather and nicely fitted to the case. Price for this watch is 5.

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Here are some words about the watch direct from the winner:

One can always expect beautiful artistic watch creations from Van Cleef & Arpels each year at SIHH. Not that any of the watches are affordable to the lay person. For examples these models are all in platinum. They are highly primed for visual appreciation. Of the 2010's new collections from Van Cleef & Arpels is the Midnight Extraordinary Series. I don't know exactly how models there are. but here are three from the main California Landscapes collection, and two below from the Midnight Extraordinary Japanese Lacquer series.