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Dimensions of the movement: Overall diameter: 33.00 mm
Casing-up diameter: 30.40 mm
Overall height: 5.20 mm
Height of winding stem: 1.80 mm
Diameter of stem thread: S0.90mm

In September of 2012 I first announced the Ball and BMW relationship to make watches here. Later I showed you images of the full collection of Ball for BMW watches in this article here. I highly recommend you check out at least the former link as it not only has images of each Ball for BMW watch model and each variation thereof, but it also details the technical specifications of the watch. In this article I will discuss more about checking out the watches hands-on.

Baselworld 2013: Hands On With The Arnold & Son UTTE Flying Tourbillon Watch Hands-On

If I had to direct any criticism towards the piece – and I’m nitpicking here – it would be only that the “Lange” engraving on the Platinum buckle is a bit gaudy on a timepiece that is otherwise so elegant in construction and design.  Of course the same engraving is used across the Lange line, and doesn’t seem so out of place on their larger, sportier timepieces.

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Love it or hate it, the Time Pyramid is one of those types of skeletonized watches that you can see right through to your wrist. There are plenty of people who don't want to see their hairy wrist through the dial of their timepiece. Other people love the enhanced ability watches such as this offer when it comes to seeing their movements in action.

The look of the Ressence Type 3 alone makes it a really remarkable watch, but how it all works together to function properly and actually be useful adds to the appeal. I think this is going to be one of the top new indy timepieces for 2013 and I very much look forward to stealing one from Benoit. Price will be ,000 USD.

I like the idea of a sport watch that can stand up against the rigors of daily wrist duty and just as we have seen many brands start to employ ceramic in their watch designs, I believe that we will begin to see other brands develop similar hardness treatments for their sport watches. I think that manufacturers like Bremont, Sinn, and Damasko were simply ahead of the "hardness" curve.

Over the years, my relationship with Rolex evolved. It is now one of admiration, appreciation, and certainly understanding. I know what Rolex watches are good at, I know what to expect from the brand, and I certainly know how seriously other people take them. And that goes equally for new and vintage Rolex watches that attract very distinct fans.

The modern Ingenieur may carry some traits established in the 70's but that doesn't mean that IWC is not innovating the line to reflect modern technologies and tastes. The new ref 3225 Ingenieur Automatic AMG Black Ceramic is a 2013 addition that has been created to commemorate the partnership between IWC and AMG, the performance wing of Mercedes Benz. Featuring a 46 x 14.5 mm black ceramic case and either a black or brown dial, the Ingenieur Auto AMG Black Ceramic is a fitting version of the Ingenieur line to match not only the high performance standards of AMG but make a more direct connection with AMG's Black division. AMG Black is essentially the special ops or "skunkworks" of AMG. They have produced especially bonkers and "track ready" versions of AMG-tuned Mercedes for a number of years, with my favorite still being the 2007-2009 CLK 63 Black which was powered by a 6.2L V8 which produced 507hp. The formula is simple enough, take a Mercedes coupe and crank the power, lightweightedness, and track-day bits to 11 and you will have made a Black. The Ingenieur AMG Black Ceramic takes an already excellent platform and replaces the steel case with one made of ceramic and ensures a fitting in-house movement is taking care of timekeeping. The movement in question is cal 80110 which has been seen in past Ingenieur models (including past AMG versions). The 80110 is a 24 jewel movement which features a power reserve of 44 hours and is fitted with the well regraded Pellaton bi-directional winding system and a proprietary anti-shock system. The 3225 will be limited to 500 pieces and follows a trend of Ingenieur limited editions which pay tribute to the IWC and AMG connection.

The outer case may carry the same skeletonised design that we've seen on past SpidoLite models, but it is now produced out of extremely light and strong forged carbon. The design then branches off to create two distinct variations including the Gold, which is fitted with an 18k rose rose gold bezel and crown, or the Green, which has a stealthy black ceramic bezel and a titanium crown that has been treated to a ceramic coating. The movement used for the SpidoLite II Tech is the same LW 04 used in other SpidoLite II models and is manufactured for Linde Werdelin by the Swiss movement maker Concepto.

Even returning a product for servicing or warranty work can be a much more pleasant experience at a bricks and mortar store. Most retailers of fine watches will take care of everything for you. You just have to drop off the watch. They’ll package it, ship it, call you when it’s back in, inspect it and hold it for you until you can return to the store.

Top Five Useless Watch Complications ABTW Editors' Lists

During that period, I had a contract furniture project with a hotel in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the French part of Switzerland, and it happened that the daughter of the architect was married to the son of a watch factory owner... That is all I remember and suddenly I found myself producing watches.

Let's look at the headline features. It's a fully automated assembly-made mechanical movement composed of  only 51 components,  a 90 hour power reserve and a selling price of no more than 100 Swiss Francs. To those who go by other currencies, this translates into 105.50 USD, 81.20 Euro or 68.3 GBP.

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Beijing Watch Factory Wu Ji "Infinite Universe" Bi-Axial Tourbillon Watch Hands-On Hands-On

First, we have the in-house movements that power every Nomos watch. It is to be said that any watch brand with their own movements is instantly respected and set apart from the many brands that use the ubiquitously ETA-sourced movements.

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For the event held at Baselworld 2013, emblematic figures whose careers have been connected to the sea gathered to pay tribute to the release of the Fifty Fathoms 60 years ago. The father of the Fifty Fathoms, Jean-Jacques Fiechter, Blancpain President from 1950-1980 was in attendance, as was David Bennett (National Geographic Vice President), Enric Sala (National Geographic Explorer in Residence), Krov Menuhin (Hans Hass Award Committee President), and also the free-diver Gianluca Genoni.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Celebrates 60 years with the Bathyscaphe Men's & Women's Watch Releases
Jean-Jacques Fiechter & Marc A. Hayek

With much anticipation for Citizen's latest release, the Eco-Drive Proximity Bluetooth watch is now finally for sale (see the aBlogtoWatch hands-on review here).  To help launch this release, Arizona Fine Time will be hosting an event at our store in Scottsdale, AZ November 28th 2012 from 3-7pm.  During the event, we will have Citizen USA's Director of After Sales Service (who also is their lead technology expert) in-store doing a special demonstration on the new Proximity Bluetooth watch and how it works.  Following each presentation, there will be a Q&A session for inquiring customers.  We'll also have free food, drinks and cigars for anyone in attendance.  With the purchase of any Citizen product, we'll have T-shirts, hats and other promotional items.  If you're in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area, it will definitely be worth checking out.

Citizen Proximity Bluetooth Watch Release Party At AZ Fine Time Shows & Events
Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Bluetooth Watch AT7030-05E

A 45mm wide, the 18k rose gold case of this limited edition watch is nicely polished and weighty on the wrist. It does not feel overly large though. Inside the watch is a Zenith made El Primero caliber 8805 manually wound movement. Because it is an El Primero, the escapement does indeed operate at a higher 36,000 bph (5 Hz) operating speed. That is interesting, especially since even tourbillons don't always operate at even 28,800 bph. The movement is complicated and no doubt requires immense skill to assemble. The movement is separated into three main parts which include the main movement, the gyroscopic carriage, and the chain. The number of parts in each is 354, 173, and 585 respectively. Just fathom how long it takes to assemble the 173 part escapement assembly without damaging parts and making the entire thing work.

Blancpain L-Evolution Split Seconds Flyback Chronograph Watch Hands-On Hands-On

From a complication standpoint, the UN 118 movements offer what you've come to expect from the collection with the time, subsidiary seconds dial, date, and power reserve indicator. The movement has 60 hours of power reserve and wouldn't be called a "Chronometer" if it was not COSC certified. Size-wise, the Marine Chronometer Manufacture is a size upgrade from the non in-house movement models. These new watches are a solid 45mm wide, but don't necessarily wear that large due to the style of the lugs and thickness of the bezel and flange ring.

Muhle Glashutte Seebataillon GMT Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Breguet Classique La Musicale 7800 Alarm Watch Hands-On: Plays Bach

Breguet Classique La Musicale 7800 Alarm Watch Hands-On: Plays Bach

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Arnold & Son's new Time Pyramid watch was debuted before Baselworld 2013 and I covered it here. Although I had seen images of the timepiece, it was on the short list of watches I was extremely eager to get my hands on at the Baselworld watch show. Inspired by the design of ornate clocks, the movement was a beautifully symmetrical mechanism with an open skeletonized design that emphasized aesthetic achievements as well as open views watch lovers and novices alike can enjoy with ease.

Last year while waiting for a new Horological Machine model we were greeted with the Legacy Machine Number 1. We now know that MB&F will stagger new HM and LM models each year - at least for the time being. So HM5 this year and LM2 next year. Inspired by "driver" and LED watches from the 1970s, the HM5 is nicknamed "On The Road Again." This isn't just because it is based on watches meant to be worn while driving, but also because the design of the case is meant to look like a sweeping fastback with rear window slits of cars like the iconic Lamborghini Miura and other such exotic automobiles.