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Cyrus Klepcys Watch Hands-On Hands-On

To my knowledge Sinn hasn't hard-launched the new 857 and 857 S watch collection yet. Though, the pieces are right up there on their website. These are a more simple version of the existing 857 UTC models which contained a small central GMT hand. What the 857 really is however is an upgraded and larger version of the 657 and 657 S - a watch I proudly own but simply do not wear any longer as it is too small. Overall the 857 is going to be a very solid seller for Sinn based on its design and upgraded features over the 657 family.

Why do we find the Ploprof attractive? That is a good question, and I think it is for the same reasons we find a tank or well-designed tool attractive. The Ploprof was born in a lab, by engineers and technicians. No one sipping an espresso ever sat at a cafe and discussed how the piece would make for a nice luxury item and whether they could put diamonds on it. It was the anti-luxury high-end watch. A real tool that signaled the result of teamwork and problem solving. Something which represented innovation without concern for budget, and was designed to be a necessary element in the exploration of the deep. Tools such as this are created by smart humans to let humans do more than we could without them - and that concept is completely sexy.

Speedmaster Artwork by Cay Broendum

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The T-Touch Classic case is in steel and is 42mm wide with a 20mm wide strap or bracelet. The crystal is sapphire and the case is rated to be water resistant to 100 meters. The look of the watches is quite nice and Tissot has once again offered an excellent high-function watch suitable for daily wear. Most T-Touch watches are very sporty in their style, so this Classic model offers a fresh departure for a new audience of watch lovers wishing for the same functionality. Price for the Tissot T-Touch Classic is 5 on the leather strap and 5 on the steel bracelet. Look for them in Fall 2012.

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 102

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 102

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This particular Jaeger-LeCoultre Master is the 2012 Ultra Thin Reserve de Marche, an update on a watch with the same movement from a few years ago. The updated model is larger and has a more attractive dial. It also has the name "ultra thin" attached to it. A lot of brands are applying this term on even existing watch cases because thin mechanical watches are trendy. Pure marketing as far as I can tell because while these watches are more thin than sport timepieces, they aren't any more thin than they would be without the added terms. Honestly, unless a timepiece is wafer thin does the rather ultimate word "ultra" need to be used? A term like that should be used when the consciousness is about to be shocked.

Batman The Dark Knight Rises Limited Edition Jaeger-LeCoultre Watch Watch Releases

Full Pave: A Collection Of Diamond-Studded Swiss Watches Watch Style

Omega Speedmaster 105.002 - A Very Rare Watch

The appearance of the dial is really one of those things that either inspires you or deters you. Some days I found that I really wanted to wear the bright red dial and other days I felt it was just too bright. It did seem like an interesting piece to have around for days when it felt right for the wrist. How often those days will come are totally up to your own personality. I do have to say that the watch does get a lot of attention. Nothing like a flashy bright red watch dial to catch a person's gaze.

Each of the Maccanico dG watches are limited editions. Most are in a series of under 200 pieces. These are extremely rare watches and if you see one "in the wild", consider yourself lucky. The person wearing it certainly made a unique investment. Prices for the watches are over 300,000 Swiss Francs. For that you get something really cool, and something that only a few people in the world can service. Overall I am really happy I got to check out de GRISOGONO Meccanico dG hands-on.

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 106

HourTime Show Watch Podcast Episode 106

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One For The Road: We Test the IWC Aquatimer Replica in Roadster

According to Chopard, there is a new factory next to where they make L.U.C movements, that will be used to make other not as technically complicated movements. Movements such as the Caliber 01.01-M and the 03.05-M which are contained in these three new SuperFast watches. The cases aren't new, and the overall style of these new for 2012 watches remains true to the existing SuperFast collection. Two of the pieces are about 45mm wide, while the three-hander is 42mm wide. You either love or don't love the case with its bulging screw bays and engraved vertical trenches on the side of the case and dial. The crown and pushers are coated with vulcanized rubber, and who doesn't like that little steering wheel in the crown? For 2012 the Classic Racing SuperFast watches with the in-house made Chopard movements are only available in 18k rose gold. I am told that next year steel cases will likely become available.

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Carbon fiber was really starting to get overdone a few years ago when it started showing up all over the place. The worst was the legions of cheap watches with fake carbon fiber dials - yuck! The watch industry really put carbon fiber on the backburner as a material lately. Like I said, materials such as ceramic and titanium started to get so much more popular, and were so versatile, that carbon fiber just didn't get as much attention from designers.

This is the Junghans "Meister Handaufzeug" or "Master Handwinding," a retro and classic dress watch scheduled for release in July of 2012. Based on the ETA/Pesaux 7001 movement, it's rather slim at 7.3mm thick and 37.7mm wide. The design inspiration is a Junghans models from the 1930s, revamped to celebrate the brands' 150th anniversary. I think they did an admirable job. I really like the crown. Nicely sized for winding and tucked below the domed crystal.

Seeing an opportunity to educate this legendary man on something he was clearly passionate about I pulled over a nearby gentleman who was wearing a limited edition Hublot timepiece. Lucky for me it was a particularly interesting model that gave me a lot of talking points. While I was at an event for Hublot, not all the people there were guests of the brand. Mr. Flav does go where he pleases. The watch was the gold version of the Hublot King Power Red Devil limited edition watch for Manchester United. Flavor Flav was not familiar with the brand, but that is OK - at least he keeps time very close to him. My mind began to wander with possibilities on who might prove best to partner with Flavor Flav as a brand ambassador. Hublot was far too obvious a choice. It needed more bite, more of a connection to Flav's own story and status as a legend. It would have to be Vacheron Constantin and none other.

Event Report - OMEGA X Fratello Watches Speedy Tuesday Event in Bienne

Accuracy: +/-15 seconds per month (without receiving a time signal and in temperatures between 5℃ and 35℃)
Case: High-intensity titanium with black hard coating with ceramic bezel (SAST007) High-intensity titanium with ceramic bezel (SAST003/005) Stainless Steel with ceramic bezel (SAST009) Stainless Steel with black hard coating with ceramic bezel (SAST011)
Case diameter: 47.0 mm, thickness: 16.5 mm
Band: High-intensity titanium with black hard coating with three-fold clasp with push button release (ref. SAST007). High-intensity titanium with three-fold clasp with push button release (ref. SAST003/005). Extra-strength silicon with three-fold clasp with push button release (ref. SAST009/011).
Glass: Sapphire crystal with Super-Clear Coating
Water resistance: 10 bar
Magnetic resistance: 4,800 A/m
USD Retail Price: Ranges from ,300 - ,850 USD

Seiko Power Design Chronograph SBPP003/SBPP001 Watch

Seiko Power Design Chronograph SBPP003/SBPP001 Watch

It dawned upon me that Flavor Flav may have played an instrumental role in the success of the "large watch" that has popularized the last decade by so loyally showcasing a truly "oversized" timepiece. A man such as himself is more often than not, ahead of his time. In all likelihood he is not even aware of the influence he has had on the watch industry and timepiece enthusiast community. To Flavor Flav I once again say. It was a distinct pleasure to have met you, and thank you.

Chopard Now Selling Watches & Jewelry Online In The US

Chopard Now Selling Watches & Jewelry Online In The US

Hands-down the coolest aspect of the watch is the fact that the dial is hand-done in Urushi lacquer. Urushi is a natural sap-like substance from special trees in Japan that has been used for a long, long time as a lacquer. Urushi products are common in Japan and using the technique is considered a national tradition. The color ranges from almost black to a warm earthy red. This aspect is really cool in my opinion, and I am a big fan of not only traditional Japanese artisinal techniques, but also Urushi itself. The issue in my opinion is one of visibility. To know the dial is made with Urushi, you need to be told - it basically looks like a standard lacquer dial. For me, I want to be reminded each time I look at the watch that it uses this special technique. Seiko perhaps applied it too well, making the Urushi blend in to look like a regular black diver's dial with a very smooth finish.

Speedmaster LCD Brought Back To Life

Episode 100 - we finally made. Not that we are stopping here, but we'd like to remind you that we have been spending over 2 years talking watches with you. In this episode we discuss the Omega Speedmaster Racing, Breguet's Classique Chronometrie 7727 watch, Linde Werdelin's Oktopus II, and the availability of the HourTime iPhone app.

For me, the most impressive all diamond-covered watch of this series was from Jaeger-LeCoultre. It is funny because a watch like that is almost totally against their marketing in the Western world. They promote ideas like "are you ready to own a real watch," and stress their mechanical ingenuity and power as a serious in-house mechanical watch maker. Then you have this unbelievably ostentatious diamond-covered watch that is designed about as nice as you could hope. The piece is a modified version of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Tourbillon Dual Time. The watch has the retrograde date hand removed, and the 24 hour dial for the second timezone has the indicators more or less removed. Stripped of some function, but the dial does looks tre, tre sexy no?

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Réserve de Marche Watch Hands-On Hands-On

IWC Replica Portofino added a new series of single-button chronograph function

Junghans 1972 Chronoscope & Mega Solar Watch Releases

OK, enough with that. Moving back to Mr. speedyhands - the Type XXII timepiece. I was with Breguet at their boutique here in Los Angeles checking out... well watches. They showed me the Type XXII 3880ST watch and i immediately noticed that it was different than the piece I previously discussed. The most noteworthy change was the removal of the linear indicator under 12 o'clock. Everyone thought it was a power reserve indicator - but it wasn't. It was actually part of the minute counter for the chronograph. Don't ask... it has been removed. The scales on the dials also changed. I think for the better. In addition to being more colorful, the scales are more useful for reading the 60 minute chronograph.

Bezel: Sapphire uni-directional rotating bezel with Super‑LumiNova® luminous coating