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Citizen Astrodea Stargazing Watch Collection Watch Releases

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Blancpain 500 Fathoms Titanium Watch

Blancpain 500 Fathoms Titanium Watch

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Pontiac Watches Dead Long Before Car Maker Kicks Bucket

Pontiac Watches Dead Long Before Car Maker Kicks Bucket

Collection Les Complications : “ ImmenSEAty”
Calibre CH 1053 GS

Bell & Ross BR01-96 And BR01-97 Limited Edition Commando Watches Watch Releases

Bid now Frederique Constant Maxime Manufacture Watch Collection At Basel + Video Watch Releases
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Frederique Constant Maxime Manufacture Watch Collection At Basel + Video Watch Releases
Frederique Constant Highlife Allure Ladies Watch MSRP 1350 No Box
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The idea behind the application is help connect with the estimated 25 million potential users who may be interested in the free application. Being able to directly send information to interested customers is extremely valuable, and can result in much faster and wider customer education of new products as well as give them a taste of what watches might be like before they are purchased. The first major hurdle was the creation of the application for Victorinox Swiss Army, the next challenge will be for them to utilize the full potential of the application. Ideally they will be tracking what watches garner the most interest from users, as well as send offers and other valuable information to the customers. The right way is to send a customer the full details of a watch a bit before it is released, and then when it is released remind them again with the product price. Too often watch companies just announce a product that isn't available for a long time afterward. A "news" item in the application should inform people that "the new Swiss Army model X" is out. Get one at "X" location (make sure they have it in stock) just 1 mile from your current location. That would be the best way to do it. We will have to see what ends up happening, but the signs are good that this is going to be a healthy new way for watch makers to interact with their customers in the near future. Swiss army watches tend to average in price at 0 - 0, but can go lower and obviously higher (,000 - ,000 or more). What works for this price point may not be a good idea for higher end watches, but it is worth testing the waters for all ranges of watch brands in my opinion.

My favorite is either the brown of silver faced version, but each is really nice. The brown has a cool retro mod feel, while the silver toned dial allows you to really appreciate the textured engraving well. The 3-Timer line will eventually also include a DLC coated steel version as well. I predict that the collection will be of the most popular for Linde Werdelin in the next few years due to its unmistakable character as a Linde Werdelin Timepiece, as well as its good looks and easy functionality. Of the steel models the brown dialed version is going to be the most rare at just 22 pieces. Other steel versions are also limited editions but with 222 pieces. Watch for them soon and check Linde Werdelin here for more details on the 3-Timer watch line.

Louis Moinet Tempograph 10 Second Retrograde Watch Hands-On

Louis Moinet Tempograph 10 Second Retrograde Watch Hands-On

Bernhardt Globemaster GMT Watch Review By Reader Wrist Time Reviews

Most women know Hello Kitty. Love or hate, this is a brand that has some significance in your past - and maybe now your future. Whether it was branded across your lunchbox or pencils or t-shirts, Hello Kitty represented youthful idealism and happiness.

And what of this watch and is it really a survivor? In one respect having the choice with survivability in mind, I would pick a quartz watch every time over any mechanical one, especially an automatic rotor operated one such as this, however good it claims to be.

To please a more fashion-savvy, modern dad or grad, definitely check out Nixon. I love this brand. They definitely keep up with the trends, but any age could wear this watch. In fact, I first glimpsed this model on the wrist of an up and coming, socially conscious, green architect in Mill Valley, CA. If it's hot out there, it's perfect for anywhere. It's also available in different metals/colors, if wood is not your thing. Can't beat the futuristic flexibility of the design - or the 0 price tag.

A Watch Gift Guide for Dads and Grads Watch Buying
Nixon Rotolog in Wood

The rear of the watch has a metric to standard conversion chart of some basic units of measurement that you might be interested in. This might come in useful once in a while for you, but consider the purist who will use it frequently. The case of the 44mm wide is constructed out of tegimented steel that is much harder that normal steel. The case is also water resistant to 200 meters and can resist magnetic fields of up to 80,000 A/M. Not a magnetism expert, so I am going to assume that is enough to fend-off Magneto level magnetic fields.

Via la Montre Verte.

My Omega Seamaster Professional 300m Limited Edition Vancouver 2010 Olympics Watch Article On

My Omega Seamaster Professional 300m Limited Edition Vancouver 2010 Olympics Watch Article On

Inspired by Italian Style and Design with Swiss watchmaking expertise, the Bulgari-Bulgari Moonphase model features the automatic Bulgari caliber B77 movement with moonphase complication. With launches such as this, Bulgari is definitely making some bold moves. Then again, what else should we expect from this brand?

Pita Barcelona Oceana Diver's Watch: Sounds Delicious, Looks Great Watch Releases

Orient Racing Automatic CFT00004B Power Reserve Semi-Skeletonized Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The first watch discussed in the video is the Van Cleef & Arpels Day in Paris watch, that I wrote about here on Luxist. A fascinating piece with a 24 hour rotating disc as the face with tells the story of a woman's day in Paris (duh). Then you have the Gardens collection which has the same idea of a rotating disc, but instead has it revolve once a  year. I also wrote about this watch on Luxist here. The painting (it basically is) in the background of the garden collection watches have areas to represent the seasons. It is a cool idea, and while very simple, something most watch makers would likely not have thought of. That is what I talk about magic when it comes to Van Cleef & Arpels, it is like they are creating toys (expensive ones) for adults (no, not those toys).

I have come to admire Panerai for their unexpectedly handsome designs. Though they seem to fly under the radar, these are truly masculine yet beautiful designs that play perfectly upon men's wrists. They are instantly strong and powerful, and represent a brand dedicated to precision and time. The Panerai Luminor with Power Reserve is one such intro model that could definitely work for both dads and grads, lending to a life already filled with aesthetics and adventure.

A Watch Gift Guide for Dads and Grads Watch Buying
Panerai Luminor Power Reserve

Danica, the athlete, and Danica, the woman, are reflected in this watch. Not only with the blue accents, inspired by her racing teams' colors, but with the sexy Mother Of Pearl Dial. It's not exactly conventional, but I love when watch makers incorporate Mother of Pearl into sports watches. Strong lines of the case, with the sensuous pearl dial... Always works for me.

Itay Noy is a totally Tel Aviv, Israel based watch maker. The brand is named after its founder, Itay Noy, who is the heart of the manufacture. He's won several international design awards, which makes sense given the impressive character and refinement of his designs. With an impressive collection of watches so far for the brand,  I'd like to focus on his Duality line of watches only today. The Duality collection is literally two things in one. Two watches, with two contradictory attitudes. While not the first time a watch has been made with faces on both sides, this is the first time that I've seen an actual theme be applied to the concept. Thus, each watch in the collection is comprised of opposites, with associated symbolism on the watch designs themselves.

More opinion than fact based things I have to say, as I really don’t know too much about the watch apart from basic marketing info and the video. And I have not seen one in the flesh. To me the best comment is done with the item on the wrist.

Folks, something special for a lucky winner sponsored by This giveaway is for one brand new, just released Dievas Zeta Automatic diver watch. Isn't she pretty? The winner gets their choice of Zeta Professional watch, from the Phantom, Code Red, or Desert Storm models. The new watch features a black PVD coated stainless steel 44mm wide case and bracelet. You'll get your choice of Zeta Professional watch model that is all black, as opposed to the standard Zeta model that is not PVD coated. The rotating diver's bezel has a scratch resistant ceramic insert, while the dial utilizes tritium gas tubes as lume. Tritium gas tubes are filled with a special gas that glows brightly without the need to be charged by light, and lasts for about 25 years. Inside the watch is a Japanese Miyota (Citizen's movement making group) automatic mechanical movement - that I can attest to having a good rate quality. Learn more about the brand new Dievas Zeta Professional watch line here at

Casio Wave Ceptor WVA320J-1E Watch For Sale

MM: What do you look for in a watch? And, if you had to name your Top 5 Brands, which would they be?
DP: I focus on versatility and visual appeal. A watch must look good, as it will be worn on your wrist daily. It must be a great investment piece that has some emotional attachment. Be innovative, sleek and classy. And be able to gracefully transition from stage to dinners to yachting.

CX Swiss Military 20,000 Feet Diver: Deepest Diving Mechanical Watch Ever Watch Releases

The 18k rose or white gold case is 44.3mm wide by 48mm tall - a substantial size for a substantial watch. The watches will be available in a limited edition of only 18 pieces, but that should be per a model. There is something very old world about the design, yet the cut-away of the face as well as the design of the movement is more modern. I think that DeMonaco did a good job trying to recreate the "substance" of Monaco in this watch. Like I said before on Luxist, the case and look appear to be more architecturally inspired versus traditionally horologically inspired, and it is a fresh change of pace done well.

Awesome Ernst Benz Chronoflite GMT Watch

Awesome Ernst Benz Chronoflite GMT Watch

I wonder how many Astrodea owners carry around the 10x magnifying glass (included) with them, you really need it to appreciate the ridiculous level of detail in this beautiful watch face. Something tells me that looking at the watch might be a bit profound each time to glance at your wrist. Citizen was so clever in making the hands thin, but stand out well when you are trying to tell the time. As you can imagine, this niche line of watches is rare outside of Japan, though its uniqueness has made it available online. Prices are about 0 for the various Citizen Astrodea watches.

Sporting Jellyfish & Medusse Watches While Spending Quality Time With Nubeo Hands-On