Vintage Speedmaster Mark II Buyer's Advice

Speedmaster '57 And A Custom Made Strap

Just today as I write these words, I have completed my first SIHH (Salon International De La Haute Horologie) in Geneva, and my first full week of working side-by-side with Ariel Adams. In the process, I have seen much and heard much, So what have I learned?

I like the smaller-watch trend a lot. I really like 38-40mm sport watches, and these ones from CW look great. If you disagree, the good news is that an increasing number of brands and watches are sold in more than one size: Lum-Tec 300M; Omega Planet Ocean; Chanel J12 and others too. Also, Christopher Ward is continuing to make the 42mm size.

Necessary Data
>Brand: Xetum
>Model: Kendrick
>Price: 5
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes, preferably with shorts.
>Friend we'd recommend it to first: Guy who aside from liking mechanical watches, prefers everything else in his life to be modern.
>Worst characteristic of watch: 40mm wide size is small for some.
>Best characteristic of watch: Solid price and smooth casual styling.

Is This Finally The Apple iWatch?

Is This Finally The Apple iWatch?
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Omega Speedmaster Mark Series on Speedy Tuesday

On Forbes I just published a list we called the "Top Watches For Social Peacocking." It is a look at watch brands that when used in various social settings can send just the right type of message. Of course it makes perfect sense for aBlogtoWatch readers as well. So please lend your attention here where you can see the full article on the Top Watches For Social Peacocking.

The Single Watch We’d Own With An Unlimited Or 00 Budget

ABTW: That would be the moment when you would have gone commercial. On a personal note, I exactly remember the occasion when I first saw LM1 and while it is a major leap from the Horological Machines it definitely wasn’t a commercial feeling, I can tell you that.

Porsche Design's take on design is simplicity, beauty, and of course functionality. Yes, that is super Germanic and I would consider what Porsche Design is today to be a modern version of Bauhaus. The dial features large applied hour indicators that are raised off the face and exist in a relatively clean "inner sanctum" of the dial. There you also have the date window - which is a wonderful element itself. It is only outside of this ring that you have a minute and seconds scale, followed by a numeric minute scale on the bezel. This "triple scale" approach is not new, but it fascinates me to see how it has been done both beautifully and horrendously depending on some simple design differences from watch to watch. The result is a lot of legibility and precision reading, but also a relatively clean look that offers a dial that does not appear to be cluttered or busy.

Alpina Extreme Diver 300 Orange Bezel Watch

Alpina Extreme Diver 300 Orange Bezel Watch
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Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022 Buyer's Guide

While the watch is heavy (0.43 lbs) and large, it actually wears small and seats comfortably on my 7.5 inch wrist. This is due to the steel bracelet whose lugs start of at 22 mm and narrow down at the deployment clasp that contains two small pushers making a satisfying click on open and on close. The small buckle has an engraved, flattened, TAG Heuer shield armor logo. It is small but easily visible thus allowing one to quickly see where to detach the strap.

There are minor differences between the Submariner and the Rolex GMT Master II, and I will not spell them all out here. However, another difference is the polish on the bracelet. The Rolex GMT Master II has a polished center link, and the Submariner has a fully brushed steel case. Both watches have magnifier lenses over the date on the sapphire crystal, ceramic bezels, COSC Chronometer certified in-house made automatic movements by Rolex, as well as almost identical dials (save for the extra hand on the GMT)

Paul Hubbard says:

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An Overview of all Omega Speedmaster Apollo XI Models

 Zen L. in Bangkok, Thailand asks:

Seventy five more pieces of the limited edition set in platinum will be produced over time. More still will likely arrive in other precious metals. The case is generously sized at 43.5mm wide and 15.5mm thick, again what Jaeger-LeCoultre describes as "extra-white" platinum. One area that they focus on quite a bit is the strap - more specifically the deployant. According to my friends at Jaeger-LeCoultre, this timepiece has about 100 pieces in the deployant alone. Giving it the ability to microadjust for comfort, especially as your wrist may expand or shrink given environmental influences.

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Omega Speedmaster 105.003 Back From The Watch Spa

Given the fact that I'd wear it daily without fuss, the price for the Moonstruck is the most difficult thing for most people to accept. Ulysse Nardin also produced just 500 pieces of each version (one in gold, one in platinum) as a limited edition. The 18k rose gold Moonstruck retails for ,500, while this platinum version retails for 5,500. Even with discounts, each is still priced like a nice new flagship Audi or Mercedes automobile (which I will remind you don't offer this type of celestial information).

Watch Winner Report: Frederique Constant Classics 315

Watch Winner Report: Frederique Constant Classics 315

Once you have figured out how to use the watch you'll find that it has the time, perpetual calendar, power reserve indicator, 60 minute chronograph, and second time zone. No alarm on this watch. There of course is the Bluetooth phone connect set of features as well... One shame about the complicated way these watches are used is that if you are stuck somewhere without the guide and need to adjust something... well then often you are left guessing. While the Proximity can only connect to the iPhone, nothing on the watch itself says that. You'd think there might be notice of this on the watch itself for someone who just happens to pick one up and the salesperson doesn't explain things that well. Anyhow, the overall rating the Proximity gets as a watch is good and comparably easy to live with and good looking as is the case with many other Citizen watches.

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Christopher Ward C900 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

For 2013, Citizen watches remakes the famed Altichron that originally showed its face (no pun intended) in 1989. A mere comparison of the 2013 versus the 1989 model shows just how far Japanese watch brands (as well as the overall timepiece industry) has come. 24 years after its original debut, the new Altichron has some new tricks for sure, but looks much more visually stunning. The tool part of the watch has become amazingly much more showy. See a picture of the original Altichron below.

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Spring is Coming With Invicta Watches

MusicMachine is a limited edition of 66 pieces: 33 pieces in white and 33 pieces in black.

Functions Hours, minutes, seconds, day and date


Quartz Patek Philippe And More Watch Lots In April 15th Fellows Auction

Quartz Patek Philippe And More Watch Lots In April 15th Fellows Auction
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Impressive IWC Replica Watches

Ulysse Nardin has recently produced a beautiful corporate movie displaying the people and methods behind the production of watches at their facilities in Switzerland. We've broken down those movies into several parts which will be posted weekly for you to watch. Please enjoy part 3 of the series on how Ulysse Nardin makes watches.

Having said that the case is very cool. Bell & Ross added another square shape to the bezel, but one that is turned at a 45 degree angle (of course with cut off corners). The bezel is also raised up a bit, and not flat like that on the standard BR01. A little bit of trivia, custom truck and car maker ICON 4x4 has some dashboard bezels in their vehicles that were inspired by the case of the BR01 Pro case and bezel. The case of course is 46mm wide, which for me is the perfect size for this look. Bell & Ross released the smaller 42m wide BR03 as a smaller version of the BR01, but I don't think it has the same visual effect as its larger brothers.

MB&F HM5 "On The Road Again" Watch Watch Releases

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